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In a recent interview, Derek Jeter described what it was like to raise three young children at home. None of Jeter’s daughters are aware of his legendary reputation in the MLB because he is retired.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, New York Yankees had a dynamite run, and Derek Jeter is a name that comes to mind. Between 1996 and 2000, Jeter guided the Yankees to four championships, and in 2009, they added a fifth.

He was the Yankees’ team captain from 2003 until his retirement in 2014 and has played in 14 MLB All-Star games.

After retiring, Jeter devoted himself to raising a family, fathering three small children, all of whom were under five. Hannah Davis, a model whom he began seeing in 2012, is now his wife. Bella, Story, and River, his three daughters, were born in January 2019, August 2017, and December 2021, respectively.

According to Derek Jeter in an interview, his girls are not particularly aware of his baseball prowess. He said, “None of them know. My time with the Yankees is known to them. They see me on television, you know. Particularly throughout this documentary, they may recognize me. And I prefer it that way because they don’t know anything else.”

The former New York Yankees shortstop also discussed how his lifestyle has changed as a result of having to look after his young children. He revealed a completely new aspect of himself that he had not anticipated.

Derek Jeter also discussed his marriage to Hannah in his remarks

More than six years have passed since Derek Jeter and Hannah got hitched. He talked about how dating back then was different from dating today and how he dated her when he was still playing. When he announced his retirement, Hannah was forced to deal with a brand-new side of him. Since that time, they have both remained by each other’s side.

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His personal life has been a frequent topic of media conjecture, much like his playing career. The paparazzi have talked extensively about his prior relationships. But now that Jeter is a family man and resides in Miami with his wife, three daughters, and other family members, it has somewhat diminished.

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