Anthony Rizzo

One of their top free agents this summer was able to return to the New York Yankees. Anthony Rizzo chose to leave his two-year contract early only to re-sign for a greater offer.

The New York Mets, who play across town, had their own coveted free agent choose to forego his contract. Jacob deGrom, a seasoned ace who many deem to be the best pitcher in baseball, exercised his opt-out but did not wind up re-signing.

He even surprised everyone in baseball by agreeing to a five-year, $185 million contract with the Texas Rangers. Few people anticipated it, so it was a startling move.

Given that both deGrom and Rizzo wear the number 48, a well-known Yankees Twitter account couldn’t resist making fun of their cross-town rivals.

Rizzo is currently the only famous person in New York to have that number on his back. Given their dislike of the Mets and their delight at Rizzo’s return to the roster, Yankees supporters are thrilled with the troll.

If Aaron Judge signs with another team and the Mets fan pages start to trolling the Yankees, Yankees fans have put themselves in danger, but trolling on social media is fair game.

The Yankees’ lineup for the next season: where does Anthony Rizzo fit?

During the Yankees’ 2017 campaign, the star first baseman played a significant amount of time at the top of the lineup. Depending on the situation, he might have hit leadoff, second, third, or even fourth for New York.

He was a threat in the middle of the order due to his power bat, but he was a great choice for the top of the order due to his patience and ability to draw walks (and get hit by pitches, which he does almost more often than anyone else).

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He’ll likely bat third if there are no injuries and the lineup is complete. If the Yankees re-sign Judge, DJ LeMahieu, Andrew Benintendi, or another player would bat first, with Judge batting second.

To retain Giancarlo Stanton in the cleanup position and to alternate between lefties and righties in the order, the first baseman will probably hit third.

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