MLB Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez, a former New York Yankees player, previously admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs and was engaged in the 2013 Biogenesis drug controversy. A 162-game MLB suspension for the All-Star followed as a result.

Only five days had passed since Rodriguez’s arbitration hearing when he filed a case in the New York Supreme Court against Major League Baseball and its commissioner, Bud Selig.

A-Rod remarked in a 2013 interview with CNN:

My legal team is taking the necessary steps to defend me and pursue all of my legal options despite the complicated nature of the overall legal situation. The ongoing arbitration is unrelated to this issue. I am eager for the arbitration process to move forward and for the day when I can tell my tale to the world and to my supporters.

Alex Rodriguez reflected on his steroid scandal

The PEDs event ruined A-MLB Rod’s career, which he had earned through hard work alone. In a June 2019 interview with Sports Illustrated, Alex singled out himself for responsibility for his career’s low points and the lessons they taught him:

“The Empire State Building is where I crashed. No one shoved me. I leaped f*****g. not a parachute. I am only responsible for myself. But I was humbled, and that’s what’s changed. I was severely punished. I’ve gained knowledge. I’m unique, too.”

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