Will Brazil end the 20-year jinx?

Brazil has a great chance to win the World Cup this year after a 20-year jinx, especially in light of the underwhelming performances by nations like Germany, Belgium, and Argentina but its ace Neymar is out for the Switzerland match and Richardlison is being called a lucky striker.

Brazil’s Jinx Nevertheless, with the poor performances from Germany, Belgium and Argentina, who were all defeated by weaker countries in games that added to the surprises at the Qatar World Cup 2022, Brazil should not let another shock happen.

Brazil will certainly play with the same lineup, minus Neymar, against the Swiss team that has 3 points after their 1-0 defeat of the African side Cameroun. 

Kaka says Neymar’s performance against Serbia in the World Cup opener was underwhelming, with the PSG star losing possession more frequently than any other players. 

Casemiro is warned, Neymar is given time to wake up to play better football and Richarlison, while criticised, will be welcomed to hit more flukes against Switzerland and Cameroun to ensure that Brazil qualifies for the next round.