Top Best 10 NFL Players Ever

10. Dick Butku

Dick Butku

From 1965 until 1973, Dick Butkus was a middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears. He was dubbed "The Monster of the Midway" by his opponents, who were terrified of him. Butkus forced 49 turnovers, 22 interceptions, and 27 fumble recoveries in his 9 years on the field.

9. Reggie White

Reggie White

Most notably, in 1987, White had probably the finest season ever for a defensive player. During his 15-year career, he had 13 double-digit sack seasons, including two league-leading seasons. White appeared in 121 games for the Eagles, recording 124 sacks during that time.

8. Walter Payton

Walter Payton

Walter Payton was the fourth overall pick in the 1975 NFL Draft and played for the Chicago Bears from 1975 to 1987. Walter Payton earned the nickname "Sweetness" for two reasons: one, because of the sweet way he ran the ball, and the second, because of his higher-pitched voice and pleasant personality.

7. Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald

Donald has already tied the NFL record for most Defensive Player of the Year accolades with three in his short career. He is without a doubt the league's most dominant defensive player and constantly puts up impressive stats.

6. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning 

He was easily the most valuable player on every club for which he played, as evidenced by his five Most Valuable Player honor's, the most in NFL history. Manning's biggest strength was his ability to keep his teams in the game at all times.

5. Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor

In the 1970s, the average NFL lineman was barely taller than Taylor  himself, averaging 6.3 inches and 255 pounds. Taylor's relentlessness was incredible. He was strong enough to roll the linemen, but fast enough to detour them. 

4. Barry Sander

Barry Sander

At the age of 30, Sanders retired early from football after finishing a rushyard season of about 1,500 yards. He retired as the only player to rush  1,000 straight yards  in each of his first ten seasons. Sanders is also the only player to  rush  at least 1,500 yards for four consecutive seasons. 

3. Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice is the unmarried finest extensive receiver in NFL history, and it isn`t even close. Rice leads the variety  receiver in receiving classes with the aid of using over 5,000 yards, over a hundred receptions, and over forty receiving touchdowns. In fact, Rice had over 1,2 hundred receiving yards and seven touchdowns on the age of forty

2. Jim Brown

Jim Brown

Jim Brown retired from football at the age of 29 after playing for nine seasons. After losing his relationship with his owner's art model, Brown decided to leave football and instead pursue a film career. When he retired, he owned all the major rushing titles and still owns many today, more than 50 years later. 

1. Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the biggest story in the history of sports. It started as an embarrassing exhibition of the exercise at Combine. He played at the top five levels every year until his mid-40s. Brady has seemingly done it all in his career.