Top 10 Worst MMA Fighters Of All Time

10. Mariusz Pudzianowski

Mariusz Pudzianowski

Undoubtedly, Mariusz has won five strongman championships. But in MMA, his strength was useless. He agreed to a four-fight contract with Poland's KSW in 2009. Despite the low caliber of the opposition, he has won 13 battles. Pudzianowski is regarded as a one-round combatant due to his rapid exhaustion.

09. Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice

He gained notoriety due to his outstanding performance in street battles. He certainly lacked MMA abilities, though. Everyone had faith that he would succeed in the professional world. Kimbo won a lot of fights, but his rivals were top-notch. Slice received a lot of hype but couldn't sustain it.

08. Hong Man Choi

Hong Man Choi

The K-1 World Grand Prix was won by Hong Man Choi. However, he won the title by defeating the 200 lb lighter and 40 cm shorter kickboxer Kaoklai Kaennorsing. He did, however, make his MMA debut. It became evident after a few fights that Hong Man Choi did not fit in MMA.

07. Joe Son

Joe Son

One of the worst MMA fighters is Joe Son. His professional track record is 0-4. He had a black belt in Taekwondo but was unable to compete in MMA. Son is currently receiving a life sentence in jail after participating in numerous criminal activities.

06. Giant Silva

Giant Silva

He has experience competing in mixed martial arts, professional wrestling, and the Brazilian national basketball team. Giant lacks the expertise needed to combat effectively. This would be acceptable given that he was defeated by Ikuhisa Minowa, a 200-pound lighter and 5'9" grappler. Silva is also one of the tallest WWE wrestlers, according to records.

05. Dhafir Harris

Dhafir Harris 

Dhafir Harris, like Kimbo Slice, was a street fighter before MMA. Two consecutive knockouts began his MMA career. Kimbo at Bellator 149 was his biggest career disgrace. The opening round nearly exhausted both competitors. During the struggle, he had cardiac arrest and recovered.

04. James Toney

James Toney

HeJames Toney is a skilled boxer as well as a skilled MMA fighter. He held IBF titles in three weight classes, but he chose poorly by turning to MMA. He battled Randy Couture in his very first fight at the UFC and was soundly defeated.

03. Bob Sapp

Bob Sapp

In Japan, Bob Sapp was a favorite among the audience. He was successful in MMA at first, but as his career progressed, he began losing to opponents who were of a respectable caliber. He continued, losing his next 14 contests.

02. Scott Blevins

Scott Blevin

One of the worst MMA records ever belongs to Blevins. In MMA, Scott has lost each of his 17 matches. He has never advanced past the first round, which is the saddest part. Blevins only lost the first round of his 17 contests. He is the ideal illustration of how technique is essential to MMA survival.

01. Kenneth Allen

Kenneth Allen

The weakest fighter in MMA history, Kenneth has a 1-14 professional record. Kenneth has endured constant jeering despite defeating practically everyone, even one of them. He competed in 14 fights in 2006 and 16 matches in 2007 respectively.