Top 10 Tallest Volleyball Players in The World

10. Egor Kliuka

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Egor Kliuka

Russian volleyball player Egor Kliuka. Tall players are more effective as outside hitters. He's one of the top Russian volleyball players and was the 2015 MVP. The 2.09m height is 10th on our list.

09. Ilia Vlasov

Ilia Vlasov

Another Russian professional volleyball player comes in second on the list of tallest volleyball players in the world. Ilia Vlasov, a milldle blocker, stands 2.12 meters tall. He plays volleyball for the Russian men's team. His performance as a blocker is impressive given his big stature.

08. Gustavo Bonatto

Gustavo Bonatto

Gustavo Bonatto is another tall middle blocker. He's a 2.15m-tall Brazilian volleyball pro. The 340cm spike is impressive. His career hasn't been very successful, but this list of tallest volleyball players has nothing to do with him. We're debating volleyball players' height.

07. Alexander Kimerov

Alexander Kimerov

Volleyball is a prominent sport in Russia, hence many of the tallest players are Russian. Also, Russians are taller than others. Next tallest is Alexander Kimerov. He's 2.15m and plays opposite.

06. Aleksey Kazakov

Aleksey Kazakov

Russia's Aleksey Kazakov is also tall. 2.16m tall center forward. Russian volleyball player Kazakov. 1999 FIBA world champion. Kazakov won a bronze medal in 2004.

05. Kay van Dijk

Kay van Dijk

Kay van Dijk, a Dutch professional volleyball player, comes in second on our list of the top ten tallest volleyball players in the world. He has played men's volleyball for the Duch national team. The 2.16-meter-tall player plays the other position.

04. Bartlomiej Lemanski

Bartlomiej Lemanski

Bartlomiej Lemanski is a Polish volleyball player. Middle blocker 2.17m tall. He's the world's fourth-tallest volleyball player. As a pro, he didn't have much to show for himself, but his height landed him on our list.

03. Renan Buiatti

Renan Buiatti

A tall volleyball player from Brazil named Renan Buiatti is listed third. He represents Brazil's men's national volleyball team and is 2.17 meters tall. He competed for his country on the national team that placed second in the 2014 World Championship.

02. Dmitriy Muserskiy

Dmitriy Muserskiy

Russian Dmitriy Muserskiy is the second-tallest men's volleyball player. He's the world's tallest volleyball player and uses his height. It's named after the world's tallest sitting volleyball player. Dmitriy Muserskiy is the tallest volleyball player.

01. Morteza Mehrzad

Morteza Mehrzad

Morteza Mehrzad is Iran's and the world's tallest sitting volleyball player. Outside hitter. He's the second-tallest man alive in 2022. Morteza's height is 2.46m. He plays volleyball for Iran.