Top 10 Strongest NFL Players In The World

10. Saquon Barkley

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Saquon Barkley

Barkley was a high school football star. He received prizes for basketball and track. 2015 Penn State football player Barkley set multiple records. Most career running touchdowns, freshman/sophomore rushing yards, and total yards.

09. Nigel Bradham

Nigel Bradham

Bradham was drafted into the NFL in 2012. He joined with Buffalo Bills for $2.6 million that year.  First season: 37 solo tackles, 57 combined, 11 stars. He's played versus the Buccaneers, Patriots, and Chargers. After resigning in 2016, he became a free agent.

08. Larry Allen

Larry Allen

Allen's exercises include 700-pound bench presses. Back pulls, pound curls, pound squats, and shoulder presses are his key exercises. Larry Allen's childhood was difficult. Allen has battled health issues and a brutal neighbor attack. This didn't dampen his love of athletics.

07. DK Metcalf

DK Metcalf praised Metcalf's high school football accomplishments as a wide receiver.  Metcalf was suspended for his collegiate football injury. He played again in 2017. In the 2019 NFL Draft, he committed to play. The Seattle Seahawks gave Metcalf a $4.6 million, four-year contract, which he accepted.

06. Danielle Hunter

Danielle Hunter

Next is Danielle Hunter. Hunter was 8 when a coach spotted his talent while he was playing catch with pals.  He had 108 tackles by graduation. Despite his powerful body, he does pilates. Hunter can easily curl 80lbs. He attended LSU between 2012-14 and played football for the Tigers. Then in 2015, he joined the NFL.

05. Chris Carson

Chris Carson

Carson's hometown team won state. He had many offers before choosing Oklahoma State. Before Oklahoma, he played for Butler. Carson's upper body routines keep him a warrior.

04. Connor Barwin

Connor Barwin

Barwin, a former outside linebacker and current football executive, is the special assistant to the Philadelphia Eagle. He started his NFL career with the Houston Texans after playing college football for Cincinnati and Houston.

03. Bobby Wagner

Bobby Wagner 

Wagner is a Seattle Seahawks linebacker. He started at Utah State. 2012 Seahawks 2nd round pick.  He's the consistency king. Wagner uses boxing, yoga, martial arts, swimming, and massages to avoid injury. Bobby played football at Ontario's Colony High School. Two-star recruit per Utah State was his only offer.

02. Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson

Peterson was a college athlete from Palestine, Texas. He adopted sports as a coping technique after seeing his brother's death.  Peterson had a difficult life, but he's now one of the NFL's strongest players. He likes stretching with a coach. He eats well and clean. He trains five days a week.

01. Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald is the NFL's strongest player. Donald is a Rams DE. He has 29.5 sacks and 66 tackles. By 14, Donald trained 2 hours a day with his father to become an athlete. He played high school and collegiate football in Pittsburg. He was a top NCAA defender.