Top 10 Richest Male Volleyball Players in the World

Ivan Zaytsev

Net Worth: $620 000

TOP 10

Ivan Zaytsev is an Italian volleyball player of Russian origin.

Maxim Mikhaylov

Mikhaylov is a Russian volleyball player.

Net Worth: $714 000

TOP 09

Matt Anderson

Matthew John Anderson, known to his teammates as “Matty”, is a thirty year old American volleyball player

Net Worth: $850 000

TOP 08

György Grozer

György Grozer is from Germany and of Hungarian descent. Like others on this list, he plays for a Russian club team.

Net Worth: $870 000

TOP 07

Aleksandar Atanasijevic

Aleksandar Atanasijevic is a Serbian volleyball player who plays for an Italian club team as well as the Serbian national team. 

Net Worth: $920 000

TOP 06

Dmitriy Muserskiy 

Dmitriy Muserskiy is of Ukrainian origin but plays for the Russian national team and a Russian club team, Belogorie Belgorod.

Net Worth: $950 000

TOP 05

Robertlandy Simón

Robertlandy Simón would go on to captain the national team for five years. He wears the number ten and plays as a middle blocker.

Net Worth: $967 000

TOP 04

TOP 03

Bartosz Kurek

Phew, finally we’ve broken the one million dollar mark. Bartosz Kurek is a twenty-eight-year-old Polish volleyball player.

Net Worth: $1 100 000

Earvin N’Gapeth

Earven N’Gapeth is a member of the France national volleyball team. He also plays for the Italian club, Paliavolo Modena.

Net Worth: $1,350,000

TOP 03

TOP 01

Wilfredo Leon

Number one on our list is Wilfredo Leon. Born in Santiago de Cuba, he began playing volleyball at the age of seven.

Net Worth: $ 1,400,000