Top 10 Most Successful Gyms in America

10. Anytime Fitness

 Anytime  Fitness

Anytime Fitness is definitely a membership one can take full advantage of as they have over 4,700 locations. 24/7 access and affordability-this is the perfect gym for people who have busy schedules

9. David Barton Gym 

David Barton Gym

High-ranking in terms of ambience and architecture, each David Barton Gym is a work of art. The amenties provided  are unmatched! However all this is restricted to New York, Miami, Chicago, Seattle or Las Vegas.

8. YMCA  


YMCA’s can be found in nearly every community across the country (10,000 nationwide). Members can get fit at an affordable price and enjoy programming that goes beyond the gym into the community.

7. Gold’s Gym 

 Gold’s  Gym

With 600 locations across the globe, Gold’s is the largest co-ed gym in the world. It is widely known for its strength training equipment and heavy lifting amenities.Group fitness classes are run all day and offer great options as well

6. Crunch 


This popular gym chain has over 400 locations and is great for all levels. It ranks as the premier club in terms of pushing the fitness program envelope with array of choices: surf and ski trips, pole dancing, yoga in the park and cooking classes.

5. The Sports Club/LA  

The Sports Club/LA

With over 600 clubs across the US and Canada, one's likely driven by an LA Fitness in their locality. Most LA Fitness locations are large with a good variety of equipment and floor space —a perfect example of a gym.

4. Curves  


 The popular women-only fitness club Curves has boosted its success by appealing to those just getting into exercise and by providing a comfortable atmosphere for women who would not otherwise join a gym.

3. 24 Hour Fitness 

24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness is the largest privately held fitness chain. Its 400+ clubs can be found in 17 states. First to capture 24-hour facility , this gym offers range of clubs covering high-end offerings to just the basics.

2. Lifetime Fitness  

Lifetime Fitness

This high-end mega gym,Lifetime has still maintained clean, inviting facilities that continue to draw members in. It has also set itself apart by providing indoor tennis facilities at a number of its clubs, a big plus in the cold weather cities.

1. Equinox 


A head above the rest, Equinox combines perks, full service and fastidiously clean facilities; thus enjoying strong share of the market. Although its outlets are limited yet each club has its own publicity.