Top 10 Most Popular Sports In The United Kingdom

10. Netball


Netball Super League is the last of our top 10 UK sports. It's one of the world's least popular sports. The Netball Superleague was founded in 1999 as the UK, Scotland, and Wales' elite netball competition. Sky Sports broadcasts Netball Superleague matches due to a 2006 deal.

09. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

The next sport to come in our list of top 10 most popular sports in the United Kingdom is Ice Hockey. Ice Hockey UK is affiliated with IIHF. IHUK was created to replace BIHA. It organizes tournaments and oversees sports in the UK.

8. Rowing


The Amateur Rowing Association of the UK is the premier organization for the sport of rowing in England. On behalf of Great Britain, this Rowing Association is also responsible for the creation and management of international rowing teams.

07. Athletics


The top 10 most popular sports in the UK also include athletics as one of their top sports. More athletes reside in England than any other nation. Athletes like Olympic and world champion Rebecca Adlington and world champion Keri-Anne Payne are included in the sizable UK team.

06. Swimming


Britain has one of the world's most glamorous swimmers, i.e. Foster. He wins most of England's Olympic swimming medals. British Olympic Association and British Paralympics' Association host international swimming competitions annually. Swimming is the 6th most popular sport in the UK.

05. Badminton


The Badminton Association of England, which was founded in 1893, is regarded as one of badminton's most illustrious associations worldwide. Badminton England is presently the result of the continuous growth of this Badminton Association. It is the organization that oversees badminton in the UK and on a global scale.

04. Tennis


Wimbledon, the most popular tennis tournament, is British. First tennis club founded in 1877 in south London. Wimbledon is one of tennis' four great slams. This individual sport was the 4th most popular in the country.

03. Rugby


Rugby is the third most popular sport in the UK. Early on, only elites played Rugby, but that changed. Its popularity grew, and many individuals now participate. The UK promotes Rugby like football.

02. Cricket


Modern cricket began in the early 1800s. Early on, only army officers and top government officials played cricket for fun. The UK has over 20 cricket clubs and thousands of teams.

01. Football


Football is the most popular sport in the UK. Football has approximately 3.3 billion admirers, so it shouldn't be a surprise. This league game has more than 100 teams. Premier league teams include Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and many others.