Top 10 Most Popular Sports In Russia

10. Gymnastic


We have classified gymnastics as the tenth most popular sport in Russia. Russia's success in artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics has contributed to the sport's popularity in that nation.

09. Chess


You might be perplexed as to how chess has become the most popular sport in Russia, but that's true. Chess is currently Russia's tenth most popular sport. Despite not being accepted for the Olympics, this sport has long been one of the most popular in the nation.

08. Figure Skating

Figure Skating

The Figure Skating Federation of Russia oversees figure skating in that country. The International Skating Union and the Russian Olympic Committee both acknowledge this as such. Its members are affiliated with numerous ice sports associations, hence there is no unified membership.

07. Volleyball

06. Basketball


During the post-Soviet era, Sergei Belov's Russian basketball teams were among the best in the world. They have received widespread acclaim and numerous honors. However, the sport experienced a severe crisis at the start of the 2000s. This had a significant impact on the whole nation as well as the newcomers who aspired to be the best players in line with their values.

05. Ice hockey

 Ice hockey

Ice hockey received 31% of the votes in an online survey conducted in 2015 by Russia's largest sports portal, making it the most popular sport overall. Russians adore hockey. Canada is the best country for ice hockey because of the athletes' obsession with the game.

04. Biathlon


Out of the ten sports that Russians find to be most popular, biathlon is placed fourth. In addition to being extremely competitive, biathlon is currently regarded as one of the most difficult sports to play. Cross-country skiing and rifle shooting are combined in biathlon. Cross-country skiers descend a shooting-round-divided path.

03. Tennis


The Russian Tennis Federation is the sport's national governing body, in charge of regulating the activity in Russia. It is the official successor of both the Tennis Federation of the USSR and the All-Russian Tennis Association.

02. Bandy


Bandy, sometimes known as "Russian ice hockey," is a national sport in Russia despite having its roots in Britain at the end of the 19th century. The first Soviet Championship took place in 1928 after it was originally introduced to Russia in 1898.

01. Football


In our list of the top 10 sports in Russia, we have placed football first. The Russian Premier Liga, as it is commonly known, is the highest level of professional association football in Russia. Football is the most popular sport in Russia.