Top 10 Most Popular Sports In England

10. Swimming


Swimming is the most popular sport in England. Its popularity is among 5 to 10 years of boys and girls. According to a separate government survey, children in England are becoming more interested in swimming, diving, and lifesaving activities.

09. Badminton


We have ranked badminton 9th out of the top ten most popular sports in England. According to Forbs and multiple other news sites, approximately 747 thousand people participate in badminton in England every year. In spite of the fact that badminton is now played worldwide and all nations participate in it, it was first played in 1873 in England. Historically, badminton originated in ancient Greece, Rome, and China.

08. Hockey


In England, most of the time, field hockey is known as “hockey” instead of field hockey. Whereas other variations of hockey, such as ice hockey, are called by their full names. Typically, the sport is played on AstroTurf pitches, but grass pitches are becoming less common. 

07. Athletics


Athletics in England is governed by England Athletics. The Amateur Athletic Association of England was incorporated in 2005 as a limited company to take over its role. UK Athletics is the national governing body of athletics in the United Kingdom, which includes England Athletics. 

06. Netball


Netball has been part of England’s physical education curriculum for decades as the most renowned sport. Its inclusion had been controversial at times, as schools worried about the potential adverse impact of physical activity like netball on girls’ health during the 1910s and 1920s. 

05. Rugby


Our ranking for number nine is Rugby, making it 5th out of the top 10 most popular sports in England. England’s national rugby union team competes in international rugby union matches. Several other nations, including France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales, compete in the Six Nations Championship every year. 

04. Horse Racing

Horse Racing

In England, horse racing is the most popular game that has attracted many young people and others as well. Fred Archer, Sir Gordon Richards, and Lester Piggott are just a few of the greatest jockeys from England. 

03. Tennis


Among the top 10 most popular sports in England, tennis is ranked 3rd. In England, tennis has been widely played since Victorians played on grass courts, hence the name “lawn tennis”, which is still used in the country today. Today, tennis is played on a variety of surfaces. Despite this, it is played more often in England than anywhere else and has a huge following worldwide. 

02. Cricket


Our ranking places cricket in the eighth spot because of its popularity in England. Marylebone Cricket Club governed it from 1903 until 1997, when England and Wales Cricket Board took over. And since that time, England has produced some of the greatest cricketers of all time.

01. Football


Among the most popular sports in England is association football. The first set of modern rules was set up in 1863. And that led to the development of the modern Laws of the Game. We have ranked football in the top spot out of the top ten most popular sports in England.