Top 10 Most Popular Sports In Australia

10. Golf


The sport of golf is one of the most popular in Australia, played mostly by filthy rich people throughout the world, but especially in Australia. This is why it ranks 10th out of the top ten most popular sports in Australia. 

09. Motor Sports

Motor Sports

In Australia, motorsports are popular spectator sports, and they have huge popularity throughout the continent, but there are relatively few competitors compared to other sports because of the high costs associated with competing. 

08. American Football

American Football

Gridiron, also known as American Football, has become more popular in Australia since the end of World War II. That’s why we ranked it 8th out of the top ten most popular sports in Australia. 

07. Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Horse racing ranked seventh out of the top ten most popular sports in Australia. Apart from horse racing, there are two other sports that are equally popular like the Australian Rugby League and Football. Furthermore, we discovered that, in 2009/10, A$14.3 billion was wagered with bookmakers and the Totalisator Agency Board, which is one of the many reasons horse racing is becoming so popular in the country. 

06. Basketball


Basketball has fairly popular across the country at the time. As basketball is rated as one of the most loved and participated sports in Australia. That is a big reason to rank Basketball in the 6th spot out of the top 10 most popular sports in Australia. 

05. Netball


On 5th spot, we have ranked Netball out of the top 10 most popular Australian sports. Netball has gained massive recognition in the region in the past few seasons. Women’s and men’s netball is the most popular sport in Australia. 

04. Soccer


According to our research, Soccer is the 4th most popular sport in Australia. Our analysis showed that soccer is the number one sport in Australia with a large number of viewers. It was noticed that more than 3 million people watched the FIFA World Cup and 3.8 million people watched the World Cup. This shows how much soccer is loved in Australia. 

03. Tennis


Tennis takes 3rd place out of the top 10 most popular sports in Australia. The grand slams have contributed to Australia’s dominance in tennis. A tennis game appeared in Australia for the first time in 1904, and it was administered by the Lawn Tennis Association of Australia. 

02. Cricket


People, here it is, the most awaited sport which is in the second spot of the ten most popular sports in Australia. As one of the most popular sports in the country, cricket has a huge number of players, including young and teenagers who are professionally trained and are most talented. 

01. Rugby Union

Rugby Union

Number one on the list of the ten most popular sports in Australia is Rugby Union. Rugby union is often confused with Rugby league, but there are significant differences between the two sports. However, some of the most handsome rugby players participate in this sport.