Top 10 Most Popular College Sports In The World

10. Track and Field

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Track and Field

One of the top 10 most popular collegiate sports, track and field has a variety of competitions that pit players against one another in both individual and team competitions. The US is renowned for routinely setting global benchmarks in both male and female athletes' respective track and field events.

09. Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a game that is played a lot indoors. Since its participation in the Olympics in 1988, this sport is currently governed by the ITTF.  The International Table Tennis Federation was established in 1926, the same year that the first official World Championships were staged in London. The Table Tennis Association was established in Britain in 1921.

08. Volleyball


In the US, volleyball is a famous sport, particularly at the college and university levels. It is among the top 10 college sports in terms of popularity. At the collegiate level, the majority of Olympic sports have a number of sponsors for both genders. However, this sport was heavily marketed as a women's game in the media. A majority-female NCAA sport, volleyball.

07. Tennis


Tennis is a racquet sport that can be played between two single players or between two teams of two. Millions of people play it as a recreational sport at all levels of society in addition to being a popular Olympic sport. The four Majors, sometimes known as Grand Slams, are extremely well-liked worldwide.

06. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

One of the most popular winter sports is ice hockey, and the NHL is the top professional hockey league in North America. The NFL, MLB, and NBA may be more well-known than the NHL, the most significant league in this sport, but neither the league nor its players are as well-known.

05. Baseball


In the United States, baseball and its counterpart, softball, are very well-liked team sports. The top league in this discipline is Major League Baseball. The rookie leagues, at the very bottom of the professional baseball hierarchy, are where the big league teams' spring training teams train. These leagues are primarily used as development systems for the sport's most inexperienced prospects.

04. Cricket


Cricket is one of the most popular college sports in the Commonwealth nations, despite not being highly popular in the US. Cricket at the collegiate and high school levels is very common in South Asian nations. The majority of schools and universities also have teams.

03. Soccer

Soccer / Football

The most popular college sport in the US is college soccer, which is also in the top 10 most watched college sports. Professional coaches and staff are employed full-time by institutions in nations like Canada and South Korea. The student-athletes are not typically compensated, though.

02. Basketball


Basketball is the second most popular collegiate sport in America, according to the National Sporting Goods Association. Today, this sport is practiced frequently by more than 26 million Americans.

01. American Football

American Football

At the high school and collegiate levels, American football—commonly referred to as football—is played. It currently occupies the first spot among the top 10 college sports in popularity. It currently has the most participation of any sport. This demonstrates how well-liked college football is among students.