Top 10 Most Loved Golfers of all Time

10. Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer had quite a career in golf. He won 62 PGA tours during his career, which is the fifth-best record of all time. Later , Palmer turned businessman  and got into designing golf courses through the Arnold Palmer design company he founded.

9. Byron Nelson

Byron  Nelson

The late American golfer played alongside some of the greats of the game, including Ben Hogan and Sam Snead.Nelson was a haemophiliac, due to which he was exempted from providing military service to his nation during World War II. He was inducted into the PGA Hall of Fame in 1953.

8. Tom Watson

Tom  Watson

One of the best players around during the 1970s, Tom Watson nearly owned the Claret Jug over a nine-year period in which he won the Open Championship five times.Apart from being a serial winner in the sport, Watson has also written several books on golf.

7. Sam Snead

Sam  Snead

Sam Snead currently holds the record for official PGA Tour titles with 82, although Tiger Woods is quickly catching up to him. Apart from his brilliant wins, Snead also fought in World War I. He was the oldest to make a cut at a major in the 1979 PGA Championship.

6. Gary Player

Gary  Player

Nicknamed “The Black Knight”, the retired golfer won 24 PGA Tour titles during his reign. During his career, he also explored his interest as a golf course designer, a notable addition to his ability of playing the sport.

5. Bobby Jones

Bobby  Jones

Although he had a short, fulfilled career and stopped playing the sport at the age of 28, Jones accomplished quite a lot within that time span. After stepping down, Jones co-founded the Masters and later was a practising lawyer in Atlanta.

4. Walter Hagen

Walter Hagen

Hagen's professional career started in 1912, and he continued winning until his final victory in 1936. Hagen was not only a golfer, but also a reasonably good pitcher. He was named a charter member of the PGA Hall of Fame  in 1940 and then retired the following year.

3. Ben Hogan

Ben  Hogan

Ben Hogan won the PGA Tour 64 times during his illustrious career. Having faced many atrocitites such as a car accident or WWII , Hogan indeed showed resilience and character to achieve the things that he eventually did in the sport.

2. Tiger Woods

Tiger  Woods

In 2000-2001, Woods completed what became known as the "Tiger Slam" by winning all four majors in a row between the 2000 US Open and the 2001 Masters.  Furthermore, In April 2019, he put on his fifth green jacket with a surprising win at the Masters.

1. Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus

The number-one golfer of all time is Jack Nicklaus who will continue to hold this position until the record of 18 major titles is exceeded.His last professional tournament was the 2005 Open Championship.  He was also the first-ever player to enter the Hall of Fame.