Top 10 Most Handsome MMA Fighters in The World 2022

10. Ryan Bader

Ryan Bader

One of the sexiest MMA fighters Ryan Bader is the reigning Bellator Heavyweight and Bellator Light Heavyweight champions, a mixed American martial artist presently signed onto Bellator MMA. 

09. Christopher Weidman

Christopher Weidman

Christopher Weidman, an American mixed martial artist, is one of the most attractive fighters in the sport. He is a middleweight competitor in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

08. Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone is an American mixed martial artist and former professional kickboxer, known professionally as his “Cowboy.” he is considered one of the most handsome MMA fighters. 

07. Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson

Stephen Randall Thompson is a mixed martial fighter and model from the United States. Thompson is presently a member of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s welterweight division. 

06. Carlos Condit

05. Frank Mir

Frank Mir

The American mixed martial artist and wrestler, François Santos Mir III, known as Frank Mir, recently fought for the Bellator MMA division in Heavyweight. Frank is also considered one of the most attractive MMA fighters.  

04. Charles Jourdain

Charles Jourdain

One of the sexiest MMA fighters, Charles Jourdain is a mixed martial artist from Canada, presently participating in the featherweight category of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

03. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Yoshihiro Akiyama

The Japanese mixed martial artist Yoshihiro Akiyama, also known as Sung-hoon Choo was the winner of the gold medal at the 2001 Asian South Korean Championships, and in the 2002 Asian Games representing Japan. 

02. Dominick Rojelio Cruz

Dominick Rojelio Cruz

One of the most handsome MMA fighters, The US professional mixed martial artist Dominick Rojelio Cruz is presently signed with the Ultimate Championship. 

01. Roger Huerta

Roger Huerta

The hottest MMA fighter, Roger Huerta is from the United States who competes in the lightweight class. He got his start in the lightweight category of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Bellator Fighting Championships, and then ONE Championship.