Top 10 Most Handsome Boxers of all Time

10. Simon Barclay

Simon Barclay

One of the prominent boxers from England, he portrays a built body with hugely packed muscles.  In his time, he has been able to win several of the knocks he has been in.

9. Gilberto Ramirez

 Gilberto Ramirez

This 6’3” man is one of the great boxers we have originating from Mexico. Ramirez depicts a slim body with a muscles-filled tone. He has earned his reputation as entirely undefeated in the ring

8. Danny Oscar Garcia

Danny Oscar Garcia

Undoubtedly a legend in the making, he held the WWE welterweight title since January 2016. Well popularized for his looks,Garcia is quite handsome and has structured facial features.

7. Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao

This boxer of Filipino descent is one of the greatest boxers to have prevailed in the world. His one of a kind physique ranks him as handsome men in the profession.

6. Anthony Ogogo

Anthony Ogogo

A gold medalist in 2015 at the World Championships , Anthony is one of the leading boxers from his extraordinary talent in the ring. He looks as if cut straight from some magazine. 

5. Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua

One of Britain's most dominant boxers, Joshua enjoys a rightrful presence at the ring. Well, he is checked fair and square in all the aspects regarding looks. 

4. Lucas Martin Matthysse

Lucas Martin Matthysse

Argentina's best boxers and one of the greatest in the world , Lucas held the WBC Silver light welterweight from 2014 to 2015. His appeal is rightfully coupled with his good looks.

3. Sergio Martinez

Sergio Martinez

Nicknamed “Maravilla” , this Argentine boxer is known for having resorted to unorthodox fighting and boxing techniques. His looks , just like his techniques are quite striking.

2. Robert Joseph Guerrero

Robert Joseph Guerrero

This 35-year-old boxer is a great boxer who has managed to enthrall his huge audience with his stunning looks. This former two-weight world champion is one of the richest boxers too!

1. Amir Iqbal Khan

Amir Iqbal Khan

One of the heartthrobs in the boxing arena,  Amir has been a holder of some notable titles, such as the WBC Silver Welterweight title. His prowess coupled with looks have earned him a lot of popularity and endorsements.