Top 10 Most Dangerous Boxers of All Time

 10. Aaron Pryor

Aaron Pryor was a fighter not to be underestimated. Considered one of the finest Light Welterweights in history, Pryor was voted by the Associated Press in 1999 as ‘the world’s best Light Welterweight of the 20th century’.

Aaron Pryor

9.Sonny Liston

Sonny Liston was renowned for his intimidating look and prison sentencing after run-ins with the law. Liston is a well-known boxer and one of the heaviest punching heavyweight fighters in the late 1950s and ’60s.

Sonny  Liston

8. Julian Jackson

Nicknamed as ‘The Hawk’ Jackson was a three-time world champion having held his most recent WBC Middleweight Title between the years 1990-1995 along with the WBA Super Welterweight Title between 1987-1990.

Julian Jackson

7. Rocky Marciano

Marciano was a hard-hitting champion fighter that proved himself repeatedly throughout his 8-year boxing career – 4 of which he held the World Heavyweight Champion title.He won all 49 fights of his career.

Rocky Marciano

6. Earnie Shavers

Raised and forged on a farm, Shavers charted his boxing career at 22.Over time Shaver’s ‘earned’ his title as one of the most devastating punchers such that even Joe Frazier refused to fight Shavers due to utter fear of the power of his punch!

Earnie  Shavers

 5. Roberto Duran

Nicknamed ‘Hands of Stone’ , Duran was considered to be one of the greatest Lightweight fighters of all time. A courageous fighter he tore his skill through the weight classes up to Super Middleweight.

Roberto Duran

4. Deontay Wilder

Commencing his career in October 2005, Wilder gradually gained momentum as he took both the US Championships and the National Golden Gloves in 2007 weighing in at 201lbs and standing at 6 foot 7! He also claimed the WBC Heavyweight title in 2015 from Bermane Stiverne.

Deontay Wilder

 3. George Foreman

Foreman’s untamed power and long reach led him down a path of 40 wins of which 37 were KOs before meeting Muhammad Ali. Having his title stripped by Ali, Foreman came back aged 45 to knock out Michael Moorer and become the oldest ever Heavyweight Champion.

George Foreman

 2. Edwin Valero

Edwin Valero was a famed southpaw fighter holding the WBA Super Featherweight title from 2006 to 2008, and the WBC Lightweight title from 2009 to 2010. Valero is the only titleholder to win every fight with a knockout in his career under the 30-year history of the WBC.

Edwin  Valero

1. Mike Tyson

Aged only 20, Tyson was presented with a chance at the World Heavyweight Title, Of Tyson’s first 28 opponents 26 were stopped by KO or TKO. His towering height proved to be a major unfair advantage to him.

Mike  Tyson