Top 10 Indian Female Tennis Players

10. Salsa Aher 

Salsa Aher 

Salsa Aher is one of India's youngest players. Her father introduced her to tennis when she was 6 years old, and she has never looked back.  At a young age, she's reaching all her goals and aspirations and working hard to improve and do well in the event. Left-handed.

09. Ankita Bhambri

Ankita Bhambri

Ankita Bhambri is a professional tennis player and coach. She ranks 332nd in the world in singles and 299th in doubles. She has 18 medals (9 singles, 9 doubles). She has an 8-14 Fed Cup record for India and currently helps other girls become the greatest.

08. Mahak Jain

Mahak Jain 

Mahak Jain, from Bhopal, began her career at a young age. She has a 511 WTA singles ranking and an 820 doubles ranking. Mahak Jain worked hard in tournaments. In ITF Singles, she has won 2 titles and placed 3rd.

07. Nirupama Sanjeev

Nirupama Sanjeev 

Nirupama Sanjeev is the second Indian woman in the open era to play Grand Slam. In mixed doubles, she won bronze in the Bangkok Asian Games. Nirupama Sanjeev is the first Indian woman to enter the top 200 singles rankings. She has always given her all and fought hard to attain her goals.

06. Shikha Devi Uberoi

Shikha Devi Uberoi 

Shikha Devi Uberoi is an Indian-American tennis player who started young. She's the second Indian woman to make WTA's top 200 after Nirupama Sanjeev. Shikha was born in India but now lives in the US. She's a skilled player who's won several awards.

05. Prathana Thombare

Prathana Thombare

Prathana Thombare is an Indian tennis player and Olympian noted for her doubles. She has won three singles and 21 doubles on the ITF Circuit. In 2017, she ranked 125th in doubles and had a 13-8 record. She won bronze in the women's double with Sania Mirza.

04. Rushmi Chakravarthi

Rushmi Chakravarthi 

Rashmi Chakravarthi, a former professional tennis player from Hyderabad, set the record for the most ITF titles ever won by a female Indian player. She began concentrating more on this career and gave her finest effort in 2005 when the WTA tournament was held in the wake of that event. Although she began her professional career somewhat later, it was a good one.

03. Tara Iyer

Tara Iyer 

Tara Iyer is a professional tennis player who is from Hyderabad. To date, she has won four ITF singles tennis titles and one doubles title. She is a very talented player who has participated in numerous singles and doubles competitions and won various cash prizes.

02. Ankita Ravinderkrishan

Ankita Ravinderkrishan 

Ankita is a professional tennis player who has won WTA and WTA 125k titles (both in doubles). She has 11 singles and 18 doubles ITF wins. She hit the top 200 singles in 2018. She's also won singles and doubles mixed in Asia Games and earned bronze in 2018.

01. Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza 

Sania Mirza is an Indian tennis player who has won 6 Grand Slams and gained a large fan base. In 2013, she was ranked India's No. 1 doubles player by the WTA. Sania is India's highest-ranked female player, peaking at No. 27 in the world.