Top 10 Highest Paid Female Gamers

10. Alice Lew

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Alice Lew 

Alice Lew, known as Ali in the community, is a key contributor to the SK-Ladies Counter Strike Team. Lew's team has beaten every important Counter Strike rival. In 2006, she earned $800 at her maiden competition. Two years later, she competed to win $4,000. She's played five events and shown promise. She's worth $8,000

09. Alana Reid

Alana Reid

Alana Reid is known as Ms. X in the gaming scene and is a formidable competitor. Just one tournament old, this Canadian woman is a potential force. In 2005, she placed second in Quake III Arena despite stiff opposition. She earned $10,000 in one tournament, displaying amazing skill.

08. Livia Teernstr

Livia Teernstr

Livia Teernstra becomes Liefje in the games. Her performance in a New Zealand Quake and Unreal Tournament competition stunned her peers. She won a European event. She played Dead or Alive 4 and beat her competitors. She won $14,000 by placing third in two competitions.

07. Jamie Pereyda

Jamie Pereyda

Jamie Pereyda, a simple-looking American girl, isn't so simple in QuakeCon III. Pereyda is a formidable contestant in her favorite video game as Missy. She won the Ms. QuakeCon II competition in 2005. She won $15,000 in one competition.

06. Rumay Wang

Rumay Wang

World of Warcraft champion Hafu is Rumay Wang. In 4 tournaments in the world's most prestigious role-playing game, she won $14,000. While the gaming world wants to fill her shoes, she has chosen to explore other fields and made $2,000 in one Bloodline Champions tournament. She makes $16,000.

05. Vanessa Arteaga

Vanessa Arteaga

Vanessa Arteaga is a video game superstar who was picked first in the Championship Gaming Series draft. Dead or Alive 4 is her best fighting game. She won $15,000 as 2008 champion. She won $5,000 at a tournament a year before her big win. $20,000 is her income.

04. Sarah Lou

Sarah Lou

Sarah Harrison, known as Sarah Lou in the gaming community, is Britain's sole top-earning female gamer. She chose Dead or Alive 4 for its simplicity and cleanness and won one competition thanks to a good team and regular practice. She won $50,000, doubling her financial worth.

03. Marjorie Bartell

Marjorie Bartell

Marjorie Bartell, a Software Engineering major, is inspired by Dead or Alive's Kasumi. She was in the 2007 Dead or Alive 4 title team. The competition won her $50,000. A year earlier, she finished second and won $5,000. She's interned or gamed for various companies. Her gambling earnings are $55,000.

02. Sasha Hostyn

Sasha Hostyn

Sasha Hostyn from Canada plays as Scarlett in most major gaming competitions. She's a skilled gamer, especially in StarCraft II. She has participated in 30 events since 2011 and is a wealthy gamer, winning up to $100,000. She's a top StarCraft II player.

01. Katherine Gunn

Katherine Gunn

Mystik, as Katherine Gunn, is the highest-paid female gamer. Her specialty is Dead or Alive 4, which has big-money competitions. In 3 years, she won Dead or Alive 4 and Halo: Reach. In 2007, she ranked third and won $15,000; in 2008, she won $7000. In 2010, she won Halo: Reach and earned $100,000. She's made $120,000 in her brief career.