Top 10 Greatest Lacrosse Players of All Time

10. Jason Coffman 

Jason Coffman 

Known for his ability to play with great speed and a keen eye for the net, he was a great player. At Salisbury, he finished his career as the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer with 451. Even as we get deeper into the shot clock era, it doesn’t look like that record will be broken anytime soon. 

09. Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe won the pentathlon and decathlon in 1912, making him the best athlete of the 20th Century. His gold medals were, however, revoked for some technical reasons. There was later an opinion that it was an injustice to him. 

08. Oren Lyons

Oren Lyon

The Wolf Clan Faith keeper, Oren R. Lyons Jr., was born in 1930 in Seneca, New York. As part of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Seneca tribe belongs to the Six Nation group. Throughout his career, he has held leadership roles in the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the Commission’s Indigenous Peoples Working Group. 

07. John Grant Sr.

John Grant Sr.

Having played in Major League Lacrosse, the National Lacrosse League, and the Ontario Lacrosse Association, John Christopher Grant Jr. was born November 7, 1974, in Toronto, Ontario. Johns Hopkins has named Grant Jr. as offensive coordinator for the men’s lacrosse team in 2022

06. Jimmy Lewis

Jimmy Lewi

Lacrosse All-American James C. Lewis played at Navy from 1964 to 1966, leading his team to national titles all three years and a perfect season each time. As a committee selected the national champions during these years, the Navy won its national championships with the Wingate Memorial Trophy format. According to The Baltimore Sun, in 1966, Lewis was the “greatest living lacrosse player.” 

05. Dave Pietramala

Dave Pietramala

Former head coach of the men’s lacrosse team at Johns Hopkins University, Dave Pietramala, was born in 1967. The U.S Lacrosse Hall of Fame inductee is regarded as one of the greatest lacrosse players in the defencemen position. His accomplishments as a player and coach in men’s lacrosse include winning both player and coach of the year honors. 

04. Michael Powell

Michael Powell

A four-time honorable mention All-American at Syracuse University, Michael Powell was born on October 29, 1982. He also served as a player for the Baltimore Bay hawks and Boston Cannons. 

03. Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil

Known professionally as Paul Rabil, he plays lacrosse professionally with the Cannons Lacrosse Club of the Premier Lacrosse League, which he co-founded. His previous Major League Lacrosse teams included the Boston Cannons and the New York Lizards. 

02. Brodie Merrill

Brodie Merrill

Born in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, on November 5, 1981, Brodie Merrill plays professional lacrosse in Canada. He currently plays for the San Diego Seals in the National Lacrosse League and the Cannons in the Premier Lacrosse League. 

01. Gary Gait

Gary Gait 

Former pro lacrosse player Gary Charles Gait was born on April 5, 1967, and currently serves as the head coach for the Syracuse University men’s lacrosse team. Secondly, his recent appointment as the Interim Commissioner of the United Women’s Lacrosse League came on January 24, 2017.