Top 10 Greatest American Tennis Players in History

10. Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connor

American great Jimmy Connors. 10 Grand Slams. He has 109 non-major singles titles. Connors won eight major singles titles, two in men's doubles, and was ATP No. 1. The American was ranked top for 160 weeks, a record later broken by Roger Federer. Jimmy hit 200 home runs first in baseball history.

09. Don Budge

Don Budge

Budge won 14 Grand Slams. He's the only player on this list to win four Pro Slams, a pre-Open era tournament. He won 43 singles titles and three triple crowns. The American great was a top backhand player in his day. However, Budge joined the US Air Force to serve in WWII. Don's injuries led to his 1955 retirement. Post-war, the American played against Bobby Riggs, another tennis icon.

08. Pete Sampras

 Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras is America's greatest male tennis player. Don Budge also won 14 majors. He won every Grand Slam. He's won the most singles majors. Six years as ATP No. 1 His powerful backhand gave him the moniker 'Pistol Pete' He won Wimbledon last. He beat Andre Agassi to win the 2002 US Open.

07. John McEnroe

John McEnroe

John McEnroe is a tennis legend. He was the best player of his era. McEnroe has half of Sampras' Grand Slams. McEnroe won 9 doubles and 1 mixed doubles Grand Slam trophies. The American superstar has 17 majors. John was five-time U.S. Davis Cup captain. McEnroe owes American tennis and deserves to be its greatest player.

06. Chris Evert

Chris Evert

Sixth-ranked was one of the top American female tennis players. 18 singles and 3 doubles Grand Slam titles. In the 1970s, opponents feared Evert's right-handed play. Chris Evert has the highest winning % in men's and women's singles. The American veteran dominated every court, especially clay. She won a record seven French Opens and was dubbed the "Queen of Clay."

05. Venus Williams

Venus Williams

Williams Sisters are famous. Venus Williams is a great American player.  She was singles and doubles world number one. She was the first African-American to lead the WTA Open rankings. Williams won 7 singles, 2 mixed doubles, and 14 doubles trophies. She won all her double majors with Serena.  She and her sister Serena are the only active female players to reach all four Grand Slam finals.

04. Helen Wills

Helen Wills

Helen Wills is America's Don Budge. Wills won 31 Grand Slams, 19 in singles. She won 4 Grand Slam singles titles. She practiced with males. Her Grand Slam winning percentage is best. 13 majors without a loss. She was a tennis legend. She's called "the 20th century's best tennis player." Her match against Suzanne Lenglen was "Match of the Century."

03. Serena Williams

 Serena Williams

When Venus Williams comes, Serena may follow. Serena Williams' athletic achievements rank third. Williams won 39 Grand Slams (singles, doubles, mixed doubles). They dominated doubles. 73 singles titles, including 23 majors. American women's Grand Slam singles champion. 319 weeks. She's on top for 186 weeks, tying Steffi Graf's record.

02. Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King is her country's and the world's best player. He won 12 singles, 16 doubles, and 11 mixed doubles Grand Slams. King contributed to the sport's history and fought for gender equality. Bobby Riggs' match against her was dubbed "the Battle of Sexes." In the bout, King defeated Riggs.

01. Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova

We finally won, and American women were more successful than men. Martina Navratilova tops the list of "Greatest American Tennis Players." Navratilova is American tennis's most accomplished player. Only she has won 59 Grand Slam titles. Men's and women's records remain unbroken. Martina's physical condition and strong shots made her famous. She's won nine Wimbledon titles.