Top 10 Fastest MLB Players of This Year

10. Randy Arozarena

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Randy Arozarena

MLB's fastest player list is tight. Randy Arozarena also runs fast.  Randy Arozarena ran 28.8 fps. He's with the Rays. He hits 20 homers and bats.274. He hit 94 runs and 69 RBI in 2021. 2021 WAR: 4.1 He won MVP in 2020. He batted.321 and had a 1.152 OPS in the same year. 

09. Luke Raley

Luke Raley

MLB players are fitter. That's why players are so fast. Raley clocks 28.9 fps. A 0.1-foot-per-second differential. The average spectator thinks they're both fast.  Raley joined the Dodgers in 2021. He hit 2 homers in one season.  It's.182. His negative WAR is worrisome. First season, few games. He played for the Dodgers and Twins in the minors.

08. Gavin Lux

Gavin Lux

Most speedy players are outfielders. Faster players can catch high balls. Another Dodgers outfielder is Gavin Lux. 2019 marked his Dodgers debut. Gavin is 6'2" and 190 lbs. He works out to keep his speed. He has 12 homers and 69 runs since then. He hit 49 homers and hit.242 in 2021. His WAR is 1.6.

07. Kevin Kiermaier

Kevin Kiermaier

This list's players are all under 25. First-year players dominated. Young, they could keep up their speed. Thirty-year-old Kevin Keirmaier. 25-year-old He has 75 homers. Kevin hit.259 with 54 homers in 2021. He had 37 RBI and 9 steals. His WAR is 3.4. This makes him a valuable player.

06. Jake Meyers

Jake Meyers

Jake Meyers is measured at the same speed of 29.2 feet per second. Meyers is now an Astros player. He's in his mid-twenties right now. He took the field for the Astros for the first time in August 2021. Meyers occupies the outfielder position. He participated in 49 games for his group in 2021.

05. Jarren Duran

Jarren Duran

Jarren Duran is yet another debutante on this list. Currently, Duran is a member of the Boston Red Sox. In addition, he is the Red Sox player with the fastest speed. Even his speed from first base to home plate is amazing. In 4.17 seconds on average, he gets to home plate. As a result, the opposition will have less of a chance to eliminate him.

04. Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton is another seasoned player on this list. In addition to that, he can play centerfield.  Billy debuted for the Cincinnati Reds in 2013. He has since played for the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Mets, Atlanta Braves, and Kansas City Royals. He has a batting average of.240 over his career. He has also stolen 314 bases while stealing 24 home homers.

03. Adam Engel

Adam Engel

Adam Engel ranks third fastest among MLB players in terms of speed. At the moment, Adam is a member of the Chicago White Sox. He was signed by the Chicago White Sox in 2013. In 2017, he made his MLB debut with the White Sox. He has since scored 106 runs while batting.225 on average. Additionally, he hit 28 home runs throughout this time.

02. Jose Siri

Jose Siri

Jose Siri is the first MLB player this year to hit 30 mph. Jose ran 30.4 fps. It's amazing he managed this speed in his debut MLB season. He joined the Reds in 2012. He debuted with the Houston Astros almost a decade later. He bats.304.

1. Trea Turner

Trea Turner 

Trea Turner is presently the MLB player with the fastest speed. Turner is a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers at the moment.  He debuted in 2015 with the Washington Nationals. In 2021, Turner switched to the Dodgers. He has a stellar career average of.303 and 103 home runs to his credit.