Top 10 Biggest NFL Busts of All Time

10. Justin Blackmon

Justin Blackmon

Justin Blackmon played one NFL season. First-round pick by Jacksonville Jaguars. Five overall. Excellent player. Justin was a first-year All-Rookie. Substance abuse triggered his downfall. Blackmon was DUI'd. The NFL suspended him for violating their drug policy. One game after suspension.

09. Blaine Gabbert

Blaine Gabbert

Quarterbacks dominate the list of NFL busts over the last 10 years. Blaine Gabbert's a quarterback. 2011 Jacksonville Jaguars first-round pick. 10th overall. Blaine longed for NFL. Instead of playing college football, he entered the NFL draft.

08. Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel is another. He wasn't a top-10 pick, unlike others.  Johnny Manziel was hyped. Most college players are drafted. Johnny Manziel is a high schooler. High school accolades poured in. Off-field scandals ended his career. He was arrested before his first college game.

07. Ej Manuel

Ej Manuel

Ej Manuel played quarterback in six seasons of pro football. Manuel was selected by the Buffalo Bills in the first round.  He was chosen with the 16th overall pick in the 2013 draft. The squad therefore had high expectations for him. However, injuries prevented him from reaching his full potential. He was a standout performer at the University of Florida.

06. Paxton Lynch

Paxton Lynch

Paxton Lynch is the last quarterback on our list. He was chosen in the first round in 2016. He was the 26th pick overall in terms of order of selection. His poorer performance has a worse pick as its main cause. Only five games were played during his four-year season. He was sacked numerous times, even in his first season.

05. Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson

The Cleveland Browns' running back is one of the NFL's 10 biggest busts. Third overall. Trent Richardson was the top NFL prospect. Many predicted he'd be first. He was unanimous All-American before his NFL debut. He also won the Doak Walker.

04. Dee Milliner

Dee Milliner

Dee Milliner, a cornerback, debuted in the NFL in 2013. He was selected by the New York Jets in the first round. He was selected ninth overall in 2013. However, he played in the NFL for just three seasons. He played just twenty-one games in three seasons. His brief career was primarily due to injuries.

03. Justin Gilbert

Justin Gilbert

Justin Gilbert is another cornerback on the list. Gilbert was a first-round choice.  2014's eighth-overall pick. He didn't meet team objectives. His college performance made him a top cornerback prospect. Justin missed two games due to injury. So he played 14 games his first season.

02. Kevin White

Kevin White

Kevin White is another NFL bust from the recent decade. First-round Bears pick White. Seventh overall pick. Kevin played for Lackawant till. Injury impacted his career like other sportsmen. White's stress fracture needed surgery.

01. Dion Jordan

Dion Jordan

Dion Jordan is the NFL's biggest bust in the last decade. Miami Dolphins' defensive end debuted.  Jordan was drafted third overall. Oregon's Jordan played football. The rookie played 16 games. 2014 and 2015 substance abuse convictions.