Top 10 Best Squash Players of All Time

10. Ramy Ashour

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Ramy Ashour 

Egyptian squash player Ramy Ashour is the youngest No. 1 since the 1980s at age 22. He's the best modern squash player. At 16, he won the World Junior Squash Championship. Ashour won the World Junior Championships twice in 2006. In 2007, he won the Canadian Squash Classic.

09. Jonah Barrington

Jonah Barrington

Jonah Barrington, an English-born Irish squash player, retired as one of the best. In that era, the British Open was squash's global title. The World Squash Championship hadn't been established. From 1967 to 1973, he won 6 British Opens. He became Britain's most successful squash player.

08. Hashim Khan

Hashim Khan

Hashim Khan is regarded as the best pre-modern squash player and one of the top athletes in history. He began his squash career as an underpaid ball boy in Peshawar, Pakistan. Hashim won the 1944 All-India Squash Championship in Bombay, India.

07. F. D. Amr Bey

F. D. Amr Bey

F. D. Amr Bey was the first really dominant squash player in history and Egypt's top squash player. He was a ball boy with Egypt's Gezira Sporting Club. In 1933, he beat Don Butcher to win the British Open. Butcher won twice before. From 1933 until 1938, he won six straight British Opens.

06. Chris Dittmar

Chris Dittmar

Chris Dittmar is the best player to never win squash's two biggest tournaments. He won the 1981 British Open Junior Championship but never a pro championship. Many sports pundits said he was unlucky to play squash with Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan.

05. Jonathan Power

Jonathan Power

Jonathan Power is one of squash's top shotmakers. His trickery and drop shots are well-known. Jonathan is the first North American to reach World No. 1. His career included 36 PSA titles and 58 finals.

04. Geoff Hunt

Geoff Hunt

Geoff Hunt, a retired Australian squash player, is considered one of the golden era's best. He won the 1963 Australian Junior Championship and the 1965 Australian Amateur Men's Championship. In 1976, he won the first World Open and won it four more times between 1976 and 1980.

03. Peter Nicol

Peter Nicol

Peter Nicol represented Scotland and England in international squash and is considered one of the best ever. In 1998, he became England's first No. 1 player. Peter won a World Open, two British Opens, and four Commonwealth Gold Medals.

02. Jansher Khan

Jansher Khan

Jansher Khan was a tough competitor of squash icon Jahangir Khan even in his prime and one of the best players in squash history. Jansher won the 1986 World Junior Squash Championship. Jansher first beat Jahangir in the 1987 Hong Kong Open semi-finals.

01. Jahangir Khan

Jahangir Khan

Jahangir Khan is the best squash player in history. When at top form, he was unbeaten. During 1981-1986, he won 555 straight matches. His 555-win streak is the longest in any top-level professional sport, according to Guinness World Records.