Top 10 Best NFL Players Of All Time

10. Reggie White

Reggie White

During the 1980s and 1990s, he was a member of the NFL for 15 seasons. Reggie also has the distinction of being one of the most decorated players in NFL history. He began his professional football career with the Memphis Showboats of the United States Football League (USFL).

9. Dick Butkus

Dick Butkus

He was a linebacker with the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL) from 1965 to 1973, and he was a member of the league from 1965 to 1973. Butkus was well-known in the league for his ferocious defence. He also goes by the moniker "The Monster of the Midway."

8. Walter Payton

Walter Payton

Many people consider him to be one of the best football players of all time. Payton has a reputation for being a prolific runner. He was a perfect fit for the Chicago Bears, earning the nickname "The Monsters of the Midway."

7. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

He is regarded as one of the all-time great quarterbacks. Manning played with the Indianapolis Colts for nearly 14 years and the Denver Broncos for four. He also goes by the moniker "the Sheriff."

6. Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor

For his accomplishments during the 1986 season, he won three AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year honours and was named the league's Most Valuable Player (MVP). He has appeared in ten Pro Bowls and has twice won the Super Bowl.

5. Joe Montana

Joe Montana

He has the Super Bowl record for most passes completed without an interception (122 in four games). Montana likewise has the highest ever pass rate of 127.8. He was named to the Pro Bowl eight times and twice won the NFL MVP award.

4. Barry Sander

Barry Sander

Sanders joined the Lions in 1989 and helped the team win the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year title right away. He retired with the distinction of being the first player in history to rush for 1,000 yards in each of his first ten seasons.

3. Jim Brown

Jim Brown

He was named the AP NFL Most Valuable Player three times and led the Browns to the 1964 NFL Championship. In eight of his nine seasons, he led the league in rushing yards, and by the end of his career, he had shattered most major rushing records.

2. Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice

With 1,256 points, he holds the record for most points scored by a non-kicker in NFL history. Rice is also remembered as one of football's greatest clutch performers. On our selection of the top ten greatest NFL players of all time, Jerry Rice is ranked second.

1. Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Brady went on to lead the Patriots to 17 division titles, including 11 straight from 2009 to 2019, and 13 AFC Championship Games. He also appeared in nine Super Bowls and won six of them.