Top 10 Best MLB Catchers of All Time

10. Bill Dickey

Bill Dickey

Bill Dickey is a 20th-century player. Bill's record is outstanding. He was 11-time All-Star. Bill has a 20-year career. 1928-1943 Then he coached the Yankees. In 1946, he was the Yankees' coach and player. Bill made All-Star while managing the team.

09. Mickey Cochrane

Mickey Cochrane

Catchers rarely win MVP. Mickey Cochrane won two MVPs. Only 2 All-Star games. All-Star games began in 1933. Next year, he made it despite being near the end of his career. Mickey was inducted in 1947. Three World Series titles. He won with Philadelphia Athletics and Detroit Tigers.

08. Josh Gibson

Josh Gibson

Few African Americans played baseball in the 1930s. Blacks played in the Negro league. Josh Gibson played in Negro leagues. Negro league was black baseball. In Memphis, he played for the Red Sox, Grays, and Crawfords.

07. Gary Carter

Gary Carter

Gary Cater is an 11-time MLB All-Star. Three Golden Globes in 19 years. He also won 5 Silver Sluggers. With the Mets, he won a World Series. Carter was inducted in 2003.

06. Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodriguez

One of the greatest MLB catchers of all time is frequently considered to be Ivan Rodriguez. His data also back up the assertion. He was the winner of 12 Gold Gloves. He has additionally received the Most Valuable Player honors from both the American League and the National League.

05. Mike Piazza

Mike Piazza

The top five MLB catchers of all time are up next. There is Mike Piazza at five. Piazza has a lifetime batting average of.308. He was a catcher during his career and received 10 Silver Slugger honors. He primarily played for the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers.

04. Carlton Fisk

Carlton Fisk

The name of this illustrious catcher has already came up when talking about other players. Speaking of catchers would be incomplete without discussing Carlton Fisk. Along with having the second-highest amount of home runs, he also has the second-highest number of catches.

03. Roy Campanella

Roy Campanella

The Negro league also had several legendary players. Roy Campanella is one such athlete. He did, however, play for both MLB and the Negro League. He played with the Washington Elite Giants from 1937 through 1945. He then played for the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1948 through 1957.

02. Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra

He received training from the renowned Bill Dickey during his early years with the Yankees. Yogi Berra was already talented before that, but afterward, he simply rose to the top. He participated in the All-Star games 18 times during the course of his 19-season career. Yogi further won three times for Most Valuable Player.

01. Johnny Bench

Johnny Bench

Johnny Bench is the greatest MLB catcher of all time. Few people are surprised by it. Along with winning MVP at World Series games, he also earned two MVP awards. In addition, he received 10 Gold Glove honors. Additionally, he won the home run and RBI titles three times each.