Top 10 Best Female Taekwondo Players of All Time

10. Milica Mandic

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Milica Mandic

Milica Mandic from Serbia is ranked as the tenth greatest female taekwondo player of all time. She was just 30 when she was recognized for her contributions to taekwondo in Serbia by being admitted into the taekwondo hall of fame.

09. Luo Wei

Luo Wei

Because she won both the World Championship and the Asian Games Championship in the middleweight category, Luo Wei is widely regarded as one of the very greatest athletes in the world in that weight class.

08. Maria Espinoza

Maria Espinoza

Maria Espinoza, one of Mexico's top Taekwondo athletes, earned gold in 2008, silver in 2016, and bronze in 2012. 2007 World Champion, Maria won 2007 Pan American Games Taekwondo. She ranks sixth among all-time female taekwondo players.

07. Lim Su-Jeong

Lim Su-Jeong

When Lim Su-Jeong, a South Korean athlete, won the Asian Games at the age of 16, she stunned the entire world by claiming victory over an Olympic medallist in the finals of the competition.

06. Jade Jones

Jade Jones

Jade Jones from England comes in at number six. She is one of the most formidable taekwondo fighters and one of the top developing talents at only 29 years old. In addition to being the defending 55 kg Youth Olympic champion from the 2010 Youth Olympics, she earned her maiden Olympic gold in 2012 at that time.

05. Jung Jae-Eun

Jung Jae-Eun

Jung Jae-Eun, a featherweight and bantamweight champion from South Korea, won one Olympic gold (2000), two gold, and one silver at the World Championships. She's among the top female taekwondo players ever. She's also a fantastic taekwondo player.

04. Chen Shih-hsin

Chen Shih-hsin

Chen Shih-Hsin was one of China's top Taekwondo players in 2001. Her trophy closet proves she's good. She won gold in the Asian Games, East Asian Games, and Olympics (2004).

03. Wu Jingyu

Wu Jingyu

Wu Jingyu is ranked third. Wu is China's top active female Taekwondo player and one of few with 2 Olympic golds. She's won two World Championships, two Asian Games, and one Asian Taekwondo Championship. She's among the top female taekwondo players ever.

02. Chen Zhong

Chen Zhong

One of the strongest female Taekwondo competitors in the world and in China, Chen Zhong, has competed on the international stage for ten years. In 2000, she won her nation its first Taekwondo gold medal, which she successfully defended in the following Olympics (2004).

01. Hwang Kyung-seon

Hwang Kyung-seon

The top female taekwondo player is South Korean Hwang Kyung-Seon. She proved gender doesn't effect sports internationally. Perseverance rewards off. She won two Olympic gold medals in taekwondo. In Taekwondo, she earned 2 gold and 1 bronze.