Top 10 Best Female Soccer Team in the World

10. Korea DPR

Korea DPR

North Korea's women's football squad is DPRK. Despite being a restricted country, it's open and dominant in women's soccer.  Korean DPR won the AFC Women's Asian Cup in 2001, 2003, and 2008. Inactivity since March 2019 lowered the team's December 2020 rating.

09. Spain


The Spanish Men's Soccer Team is dominant. The women's squad is equally dominant. The Spanish Women's Soccer Team ranks 9th in the world. Since 1980, Spain's women's soccer team has represented the country in international play. The Royal Spanish Football Federation controls this talented team.

08. England


The English Women's National Soccer Team is managed by the Football Association (FA). This outstanding team began international play in 1972. First was Scotland. Most national football teams are Home Nations. FIFA lets England keep their national team. They're exempt.

07. Brazil


The Brazilian women's national soccer team is among the world's finest. Brazilian Football Confederation manages this team (CBF). This outstanding team has competed in eight Women's World Cups. After playing their first international game in 1986, the team competed against prominent FIFA World Cup teams.

06. Canada


The Canadian women's national soccer team is rated 6th internationally. The team participates internationally and in CONCACAF. In 2003 FIFA Women's World Cup, the team lost to the US and finished third. Canada's first Olympic campaign ended in the quarterfinals.

05. Netherland


When ranking the world's best soccer teams, Netherland must be included. The Netherlands women's national soccer team is a top UEFA and FIFA member. The Netherlands began international play in 1971. First-up was France. The Netherlands have reached many finals. They won the 2017 UEFA Women's Championship.

04. France


French women's national soccer team competes in UEFA, Olympics, Algarve Cup, and FIFA. French women's soccer is ranked 4th in the world. They struggled during their international debut but gained traction later. UEFA 1997, when they reached the quarterfinals. This was unexpected.

03. Germany


Did you know Germany's Women's FIFA World Cup team is just as good? The German Football Association manages one of the top women's soccer teams.  They've won men's and women's World Championships. Only Germany has won men's and women's tournaments. Germany has won eight consecutive UEFA European Championships.

02. Sweden


The Swedish Football Association manages the 2nd-ranked women's national team. The women's team gained popularity after placing second in the 2003 World Cup. Sweden won three World Cup bronze medals. Lotta Schelinis is Sweden's all-time leading goalscorer with 85.

01. USA


The USWNT is the world's best women's soccer team. The top-ranked team in the Americas has 2109.09 points. The team has won the Women's World Cup, Olympics, and CONCACAF Gold Cup eight times. From 1991 to 2015, they won every women's soccer World Cup and Olympic tournament.