Top 10 Best Female Boxers Of All Time

10. Alycia Baumgardner

Record: 11-1 Last fight: TKO win Terri Harper Next fight: TBD

Alycia Baumgardner

Last November, Baumgardner made his mark on the world stage with a one-punch knockdown of Terri Harper, which placed Harper on her feet and put Baumgardner in contention for knockout of the year. With two belts weighing 130 pounds.

9. Christina Hammer

Record: 27-1  Last fight: TKO vs Daniele Bastieri  Next fight: TBD

Christina Hammer

Hammer's reign as unified middleweight champion came to an end in 2019 when she was defeated by Claressa Shields in a decision. Since then, she's won three in a row, including two knockouts at super middleweight.

8. Savannah Marshall

Record: 11-0  Last fight: TKO win Lolita Muzeya  Next fight: TBD

Savannah Marshall

She won a middleweight title in 2020 by defeating Hannah Rankin, and she plans to defend it in the first quarter of the following year before facing Shields in a major bout in women's boxing.

7. Delfine Persoon

Record: 46-3  Last fight: RTD win Beatriz Aguilar  Next fight: TBD

Delfine Persoon

Persoon's illustrious record and five-year tenure as the 135-pound champion attest to her world-class status, but two of her losses stand out. She lost a close rematch in 2020, but bounced back last year with back-to-back victories.

6. Mikaela Mayer

Record: 16-0  Last fight: Maiva Hamadouche  Next fight: TBD

Mikaela Mayer

Mayer, a 2016 U.S. Olympian, is still on the rise. Mayer won a vacant 130-pound title in 2020 and reclaimed it last year after defeating Maiva Hamadouche in a fight that was broadcast on ESPN.

5. Jessica McCaskill

Record: 11-2   Last fight: TKO win Kandi Wyatt   Next fight: TBD

Jessica McCaskill

With a slight victory over her longtime  welterweight champion Cecilia Brækhs, McCaskill won four 147-pound belts, and her biased victory in her rematch made her  one of the best women's boxing players.  

4. Seniesa Estrada

Record: 22-0  Last fight: UD win Maria Micheo Santizo   Next fight: TBD

Seniesa Estrada

The rise of Estrada over the last three years has been meteor-like. In 2019, Estrada defeated ex U.S. Olympic athletes – and arguably the best women's boxing £ 112 – Marlen Esparza. Finally, in December, Estrada ended three years of struggle by stopping Maria Micheo Santiso and successfully defending her 105-pound belt. 

3. Amanda Serrano

Record: 42-1-1  Last fight: UD win Miriam Gutierrez  Next fight: TBD

Amanda Serrano

Serrano's resume is impressive. She is a  world champion in seven divisions and is effortlessly moving between the 115 and 140 pound weight classes. In 2018, Serrano defeated Yamira Esther Reinoso to win her vacant  junior welterweight title. 

2. Claressa Shield

Record: 11-0  Last fight: UD win Marie Eve Dicaire  Next fight: Ema Kozin

Claressa Shield

The two Olympic gold medalists claimed indisputable positions in two weight classes (154 pounds and 160 pounds) and won two titles in one-third (168). Due to the lack of high-level opponents, the shield was hurt and temporarily forced into mixed martial arts. 

1. Katie Taylor

Record: 20-0 Last fight: UD win Firuza Sharipova  Next fight: TBD

Katie Taylor

She won the world title in the seventh battle, became the unified champion in the ninth battle, and took only 14 battles to become the undisputed champion at £ 135. Taylor, who won the title at £ 140 in 2019, is a big attraction in both  the UK and the US.