Top 10 Best Cricket Umpires of All Time

10. Tony Hill

Tony Hill

Anthony Lloyd Hill, better known as Tony Hill, is a former New Zealand international cricket umpire also regarded as one of the greatest umpires of all time in cricket history.

09. Richard Kettleborough

 Richard Kettleborough

Richard Allan Kettleborough is a former first-class cricketer and international cricket umpire for England. In August 2009, he officiated with Ian Gould in an international Twenty20 match between England and Australia, after being selected to the ECB’s list of first-class umpires

08. Daryl Harper

Daryl Harper

Daryl John Harper is an Australian cricket umpire who officiated in Test matches from 1998 to 2011. From 2002 to 2011, Harper was a member of the ICC’s Elite Panel of Umpires, until his contract was terminated in July 2011 and the ICC stated that he will be standing down. 

07. Billy Bowden

Billy Bowden

All of us know him and all of us love him – the Billy Bowden who is always amusing. Brent Fraser “Billy” Bowden is a New Zealand cricket umpire as well as one of the best umpires in cricket history. He used to be a player until he developed rheumatoid arthritis. 

06. Ian James Gould


Ian James Gould is a former member of the ICC Elite Panel of cricket umpires and an English former first-class cricketer. Regarded as one of the finest cricket umpires of all time, Gould formerly served as chairman of Burnham FC, an English football team. 

05. Steve Bucknor

Steve Bucknor

Steve Bucknor, one of cricket’s most experienced umpires, was all elegance, charm, and composure on the field, combined with the Caribbean touch he provided to the game. Former international cricket umpire Stephen Anthony Bucknor, OJ is a Jamaican. 

04. Dickie Bird

Dickie Bird

Harold Dennis “Dickie” Bird, is a former international cricket umpire from England. Due to his brilliance as an umpire, as well as his numerous idiosyncrasies, he became a much-loved character among players and the viewing public over his lengthy umpiring career. 

03. David Robert Shepherd

David Robert Shepherd

David Robert Shepherd MBE was a first-class cricketer who represented Gloucestershire in county cricket before going on to become one of the most well-known cricket umpires in the world. 

02. Aleem Dar

Aleem Dar

Aleem Dar is a former cricketer and Pakistani cricket umpire. He is a member of the ICC Umpires’ Elite Panel. From 2009 to 2011, he won the David Shepherd Trophy three times in a row after being nominated twice in 2005 and 2006 which makes him one of the greatest cricket umpires of all time. 

01. Simon Taufel

 Simon Taufel

Simon James Arthur Taufel is an Australian cricket umpire who formerly served on the ICC Elite umpire panel. Taufel is one of the numerous names that spring to mind when discussing the history of umpires, although it is not linked with any well-known dispute.