Top 10 Best Center in NFL This Season

10. Chase Roullier

Chase Roullier

Chase Roullier has been a fixture with the Washington Football Team through changes.  Roullier had a career year. Lackluster team performances disappointed him.  The Washingtons are looking for a cohesive squad. 

09. Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Patrick Kelly is a Colts center.  Kelly, a talented center, hasn't reached his potential. His grades don't match his league-wide reputation. Kelly is a true athlete, though. The 29-year-old is the league's 11th-most valued center over the previous three seasons. Kelly is the NFL's highest-paid center for 2020.

08. Erik McCoy

Erik McCoy

Erik McCoy, born August 27, 1997, is a Saints center. McCoy has showed he's a powerhouse despite his 2019 debut. In his debut season, he placed fourth among qualifying centers. Mccoy earned a 78.0 total grade, making him the only pass protector and run blocker to do so.

07. Ben Jones

Ben Jone

Ben Jones is the Titans' center. Jones has been the Titans' most consistent performer the last two seasons. 33-year-old has been a reliable NFL player for seven years. The Alabama-born Center's grades range from 69.4 to 74.7.

06. Brandon Linder

Brandon Linder

Brandon Linder is a Jaguars center. While Linder and the Jaguars struggled in 2020, he remains one of the league's greatest centers. Brandon is one of the league's top with an 87.4 PFF grade.

05. Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce is the Eagles' center. The 35-year-old is versatile. Kelce, a run blocker, has out-graded as a pass protector. He's one of the NFL's top run-blocking centers. Jason has been a rock in the Eagles' offensive line. Kelce has solidified his spot with a good 2020 season.

04. J.C. Tretter

J.C. Tretter

J.C Tretter is a Cleveland Browns center. Tretter is one of the sport's greatest pass protectors. The 31-year-old has had pass-blocking grades above 80.0 for six seasons. Tretter posted a career-high 76.5 run-blocking grade with the Browns.

03. Frank Ragnow

Frank Ragnow

Frank Ragnow is a Detroit Lions center. Ragnow has slowly improved after a rough initial season with the Lions. Not to mention, he played off-position at left guard, which hurt his effectiveness. The 26-year-performances old's have improved after shifting to the Center.

02. Corey Linsley

Corey Linsley

Corey Linsley, born July 27, 1991, is a Chargers center. The Chargers signed one of Linsley's greatest offensive linemen in free agency. Linsley helps the LA team rearrange its offensive lineup. The 31-year-PFF old's grade is the highest of his career. Linsley made first-team All-Pro last season.

01. Rodney Hudson

Rodney Hudson

Rodney Hudson is an Arizona Cardinals center. Hudson oozes class and finesse on the pitch.  In pass-protection, the 33-year-old is years ahead of his competition. Hudson has been among the top five centers for pass-blocking since 2015.