Top 10 Best Baseball Players Of All Time

10. Mickey Mantle (New York Yankee)

Mickey Mantle

He is a seven-time World Series champion and a 20-time All-Star selection, making him possibly the most accomplished player in MLB history. He also had a strong showing in the World Series, hitting 18 home runs.Mickey Mantle stats: 2,415 hits, 536 home runs, 1,509 RBIs, 153 steals, .977 OPS, 172 OPS+

9. Walter Johnson (Washington Senator)

Walter Johnson

He simply played in a different era, when pitch counts and innings management were unheard of. That's why he has the most career shutouts (110), 20 more than the next closest pitcher.Walter Johnson stats: 417-279, 2.17 ERA, 3,509 strikeouts, 1.06 WHIP, 5.3 K/9, 2.57 K/BB

8. Stan Musial (St. Louis Cardinal)

Stan Musial

He trails only Barry Bonds and Babe Ruth in terms of runs created (ESPN). He was named to the All-Star team 24 times, won seven National League batting titles, and won three World Series rings.Stan Musial stats: 3,630 hits, 475 home runs, 1,951 RBIs, .976 OPS, 159 OPS+

7. Ted William (Boston Red Sox)

Ted Williams

He played with the Red Sox for his entire MLB career before being drafted for World War II and returned to baseball. Williams, the all-time leader in on-base percentage (.482), hit.328/.458/.584 as a 38-year-old.Ted Williams stats: 2,654 hits, 521 home runs, 1,839 RBIs, 1.116 OPS, 191 OPS+

6. Lou Gehrig (New York Yankees)

Lou Gehrig

If it weren't for ALS, Gehrig's most consecutive games MLB played streak (2,130) would likely never be broken by Cal Ripken, Jr., a six-time World Series champion and member of the Major League Baseball All-Time Team.Lou Gehrig stats: 2,721 hits, 493 home runs, 1,995 RBIs, 102 steals, 1.080 OPS, 189 OPS+

5. Ty Cobb (Detroit Tigers)

Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb, dubbed "The Georgia Peach," was a power hitter. He holds the MLB batting average record, is second all-time in hits (4,189), and has a.400 batting average in three straight seasons (1911-2012).Ty Cobb stats: 4,189 hits, 117 home runs, 1,944 RBIs, 897 steals, .366 BA, .944 OPS, 168 OPS+

4. Barry Bond (Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giant)

Barry Bonds

He took drugs and paid the price, causing far more harm to his reputation than other MLB players who benefited from them (Bud Selig, Tony La Russa, Joe Torre). Bonds will almost certainly achieve 800 home runs and break the 3,000-hit and 2,000-RBI marks if he isn't forced to retire.Barry Bonds stats: 2,935 hits, 762 home runs, 1,996 RBIs, 514 stolen bases, 1.051 OPS, 182 OPS+

3. Hank Aaron (Atlanta Braves)

Hank Aaron

In his rookie season, he hit only 13 home runs while slashing.280/.322/.447. Aaron was the best player in baseball after that. Aaron is one of baseball's greatest players, and his MLB record most All-Star Game Appearances (25) further adds to his case.Hank Aaron stats: 3,771 hits, 755 home runs, 2,297 RBIs, 240 steals, .928 OPS, 155 OPS+

2. Willie Mays (San Francisco Giants)

Willie Mays

It highlights his agility and hustle during his nearly 20-year career with the Giants, producing a play of play that enabled him earn 12 Gold Glove Awards and four times lead the National League in home runs and steals.Willie Mays stats: 3,293 hits, 660 home runs, 1,909 RBIs, 338 steals, .940 OPS, 155 OPS+

1. Babe Ruth (Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees)

Babe Ruth

In his first five seasons with the Boston Red Sox, he put up Hall of Fame-caliber stats (981 OPS, 190 OPS+). Shohei Ohtani was Shohei Ohtani a century before his time. Babe Ruth is without a doubt the greatest baseball player of all time.Babe Ruth stats (hitting): 2,873 hits, 714 home runs, 2,214 RBIs, 123 steals, 1.164 OPS, 206 OPS+ – Babe Ruth pitching stats: 94-46, 2.28 ERA, 488 strikeouts, 3.6 K/9, 1.11 K/BB