Top 10 Best Australian Soccer Players of All Time

10. Tony Vidmar 

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Tony Vidmar 

Tony Vidmar started his career at Adelaide City in 1989 and retired in 2008. Vidmar gained popularity in Holland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Vidmar won two Scottish Premier Leagues, two League Cups, and three Scottish Cups with Rangers, where he became a fan favorite.

09. Johnny Warren

Johnny Warren 

Johnny Warren is one of our least-known players, yet he was a big proponent of Australians playing soccer. Warren, nicknamed Captain Socceroo for promoting soccer in Australia, played his entire career there. Johnny Warren's 15-year career, during which he played for amateur teams, helped Australia create so many great players.

08. Lucas Neill

Lucas Neill

Lucas Neill is one of Australia's top central defenders and has captained the national side a record 61 times in over 500 league games. Neill was a hard-working defender who spent 15 seasons in England with Milwall, Blackburn Rovers, and West Ham United.

07. Mark Bresciano

 Mark Bresciano

Mark Bresciano chose Italy over England and had a successful career in one of soccer's toughest leagues. Bresciano has played in three World Cup Finals and two AFC Asian Cups.

06. Brett Emerton

Brett Emerton 

Brett Emerton was a speedy, versatile right-side player. Emerton could run 90 minutes, tackle, pass, and cross. Emerton played for Sydney Olympic and Feyenoord before joining Blackburn Rovers. He was a key club and national player, playing 95 times.

05. Mile Jedinak

Mile Jedinak

Leadership and passion made Mile Jedinak a fan favorite. The Australian played in Sydney's A league before joining the Mariners in 2006. After a successful but unspectacular move to Turkey in 2009, Jedinak looked for a new team. Jedinak joined Crystal Palace in 2011 and became a top midfielder.

04. Mark Schwarzer

Mark Schwarzer

Mark Schwarzer is Australia's most successful and longest-serving goalie.  Schwarzer had a fantastic 26-year career, with 625 league appearances and 109 caps. Schwarzer made his mark with Middlesborough and Fulham.

03. Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill has 50 international goals in 108 games. Cahill was a brilliant offensive midfielder second only to Mark Schwarzer in appearances. Milwall got Cahill for free, and Everton paid only £1.5 million for him in 2004. He could go down as one of the best value-for-money players ever. Cahill scored 108 goals in 443 games for Milwall and Everton.

02. Mark Viduka

Mark Viduka

Mark Viduka, one of the most productive strikers in Australian history, scored goals in some of the toughest European divisions for every side he played for. Viduka was hard to get rid of, possessed a strong shot, and never let opponents intimidate him thanks to a physique that made him look more like a boxer than a soccer player.

01. Harry Kewell

Harry Kewell

Harry Kewell, who was selected as the greatest soccer player Australia has ever produced in a 2012 survey by supporters and former players, is the most talented player to ever come out of Australia. Kewell's exceptional skill with the soccer ball accounts for why he still occupies the top rank after a career hampered by injuries.