NFL Sunday Ticket To Apple TV+  May Be Done Deal

Apple is said to be a "front-runner" in the competition for the NFL Sunday Ticket package, according to several publications.

This would bring out-of-market NFL games to Apple TV+, and according to a new story, Apple and the NFL may have already reached an agreement.

This comes after Apple's successful foray into live sports with the launch of Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+ earlier this month.

NFL Sunday Ticket is an out-of-market sports package that broadcasts regular season NFL games every week, as we've previously explained.

DirecTV presently owns the rights and sells season bundles ranging from $290 to $400. 

However, DirecTV's rights to Sunday Ticket expire at the end of the 2022-2023 NFL season, and the company is unlikely to renew the agreement.

According to reports, DirecTV pays the NFL an average of $1.5 billion each year for the NFL Sunday Ticket rights. 

 According to a rumour from February, Apple and Amazon were the "front-runners" for getting the NFL Sunday Ticket rights for the 2023 season. 

The NFL is anticipated to earn more than $2 billion per year from a partnership with a streaming service like Apple TV+ or Amazon.

According to a new story from Puck News, NFL Sunday Ticket is "Apple's to lose." 

 While this has yet to be confirmed, it appears like Apple has high hopes for bringing live sports on Apple TV+.

Just this month, the firm announced a partnership with Major League Baseball to provide Friday Night Baseball to Apple TV+ exclusively.

A deal with the NFL for Sunday Ticket, on the other hand, would be a significantly bigger commitment than Apple's MLB deal. 

Apple is said to be paying roughly $85 million per year for Friday Night Baseball on TV+, compared to the rumoured $2.5 billion per year for Sunday Ticket.