Messi’s final goodbye

THE final farewell. The final World Cup goodbye for Lionel Messi.

Leading the albiceleste will be Lionel Messi, the team’s true dragoon (five goals to his credit). He made it clear: “I am proud to be able to end my World Cup career playing this final.

So this is goodbye as far as Argentina is concerned. Still, what a way to go. It is not done yet: the greatest game of all awaits. It is colossal, of course. 

As it was put to him here: “You had to eat a lot of shit.” Yes, he conceded, but it’s different now. “For a while now I’ve been enjoying it so much, everything that’s happening to us. Being able to end all this in the final makes me happy.” 

This has been the doctrine of the manager, Lionel Scaloni: the sun will rise tomorrow. Messi has embraced that message and the time he has left; it has become his message too, and there has been a sense of his teammates being invested not just in Argentina’s success but his happiness, in doing some sort of justice.