Kylian Mbappe scored more goals than Thierry Henry

Football fan pages are going ablaze as the new star on the block, Kylian Mbappe has scored more goals than the previous top French footballer in the World Cup. Keep in mind that Mbappe is only 23-years-old. 

Currently, the Qatar World Cup is Mbappe’s second World Cup. Thierry Henry has participated in four World Cups from 1997 till 2010. There is a lot of buzz about this, some are pro Mbappe and some not entirely.  

Fans argument about Mbappe vs Henry  According to a Facebook post in a prominent football group, a fan posted that Mbappe has done the near impossible in scoring more than a veteran who had more chances to do as such. Some sources say Mbappe had scored seven, or nine goals. 

Naysayers are claiming that he has an advantage of being quick on the field. Contributing to the speed he has is his younger age. However, fans defended Mbappe stating that he needs other skills as well in order to score goals, such as precision, and the ability to target well.