Fans mocking Erling Haaland for not being in the World Cup

During the Premier League and Champions League matches, Erling Haaland has made waves with his impressive football skills. Many were shocked at the number of goals being shot by a young footballer like him.

Fan remarks about Erling Haaland  The memes about him have begun. This specific meme showed a man trying to jump into a television screen where the original poster implied that would be Erling Haaland when he watches the World Cup matches at home.  

Another tweet about him surfaced where the original poster asked fans on who would be their preferred player, Haaland or Mbappe. Apparently, Mbappe won the poll by having more likes than retweets, which referred to Haaland as an option. 

Next, others commented on them not knowing Haaland and that they only know the likes of Richarlison, Kudus, Abubakar and Onana. There were some comments stating that the Premier League is not as major as the World Cup.