AARP Online Games- 9 free Alternatives

9) Word-Making Games

Word-Making Games

Backed by reasoning and good entertaiment, these games are popular among seniors. Many will play this as a gaggle to come back up with the proper word, which boosts socialization and reduces loneliness.

8) Tetris


Tetris needs seniors to form constant new strategies and air constant alert. It can be contend at an occasional speed which may increase and become quicker and faster.

7) Sudoku


A notably challenging game,Sudoku can be played on iPhones as well as on computers. It keeps the mind active thereby enhancing cognitive abilities.

6) Solitaire


Solitaire provides a pleasant challenge for seniors, and the kind of game that can be used to kill time while waiting at th doctors'.The AARP has many versions of on-line solitaire.

5) Scrabble


Known to push back dementia, scrabble keeps the mind of the elderly engaged and stimulated, thus strenghening it. Scrabble can be played online in multiplayer modes too!

4) Mahjong


Mahjong is a tile game that’s believed to assist seniors plagued by delicate dementia. It could also be a vital tool to offset cognitive decline. There are many options to play it online.

3) Jigsaw  Puzzles


Popular among the elderly, jigsaw puzzles serve a host of benefits-  it improves short-run memory and connects each the left and right aspect of the brain. All these keep a player's thinking sharp.

2) Chess


Chess , long-famous for its sake to push the brain’s capabilities and the bounds to keep it functioning better. Although it its more fun to play in person, however,one can play it at which is a web chess community for seniors who wish to play chess.

1) Checkers


Checkers has the brain thinking systematically on the simplest moves. Once grandparents play online checkers with their grandchildren, the young ones learn pre-math skills due to the grandparent’s efforts-it’s one generation teaching the other