Top 10 most expensive NBA player

10) Jimmy Butler (USD$47 million)

One of the best among the NBA players has a Quite sum of Moves on court in his sleves. 

9) Paul George (USD$47.8 million)

The player of Los Angeles Clippers is paid about Quite a salary around $47.8 million.  

8) Klay Thompson (USD$54 million)

One of the most popular 3 point scorer on the board.  That makes firm worth of the amount. 

7) Damian Lillard (USD$56.3 million)

The Ace player of the Blazers is on the list. An hidden Gem and asset for the team 

6) James Harden (USD$62.3 million)

Harden enter the list of top ten by his overall perfomance for his club. 

5) Russell Westbrook (USD$74.2 million)

The most Enthusiastic one on the field and court. 

4) Giannis Antekounmpo (USD$80.3 million)

Player puts a lort of energy on the court and has marvelous scoring power for the team.  

3) Kevin Durant (USD$87.9 million)

The player height and agility makes him stand out of the crowd. 

2) Steph Curry  (USD$92.8 million)

One of the famouse among the crowd for his moves and points on the court. 

1) LeBron James (USD$111.2 million)

The player Known for his fakes in the court with a faceless agression in the game .