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Who is Indian best volleyball player?

Volleyball is a team sport that is played with six players at one side. The rules of the game is similar to that of badminton, which states a team will earn a point if they throw the ball into the opponent’s court, if they fail to return the ball. Similarly, the same team can also gain a point if the challenging team makes a mistake. The criteria to win is to win three sets ina a match. To win one set the team must gain 25 points.

Volleyball is being played for over 100 years, which is run by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB). The game was originated in United States. This game is enjoyed by all age groups and followed by a tons of people. Volleyball is an intriguing sporting event, which was added to the list of multi-sports at the Summer Olympics since the year 1964. So lets take a who it gained popularity in India and the the best volleyball player India.

How did Volleyball gain popularity in India?

Volleyball gained popularity in India after the sport had earned a permanent spot in the South Asian Federation Games (SAF) in Kolkata in 1987. In the 1951, the sport was given a proper structure via an official organizing body, Volleyball Federation in India. Soon after the formation of VFI, India debuted in 1952, in FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship. The Indian volleyball team won the gold medal in the Colombo Games in 1991.

Who is the best Volleyball player of India.

Jimmy George, who was from Kerala is regarded as one of the most famous volleyball players of India. Jimmy was born on March 8, 1955, in Peravoor. He is the brother in law of the famous Olympian Anju Bobby George. He was a part of the Indian Men’s National Volleyball Team. George had broken the grounds by becoming the first Indian volleyball player to play professionally. He had also represented as the captain of the Indian Volleyball team in the year 1973.

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Jimmy was a member of India’s National Volleyball squad in the Asian Games in Tehran (1974), Bangkok (1978), and Seoul (1986), when India won bronze. In the year 1986, he mentored his team to finishing ribbon in the India Gold Cup International Volleyball Tournament, which was held in Hyderabad. He also was made the captain of the team at Saudi Arabia in 1985. Unfortunately he had a tragic car accident and died in Italy on 30 November 1987, at the age of 32.

Facts about Jimmy and his achievements.

Jimmy George was the youngest player of the game Volleyball, to win the Arjuna Award, at the age of 21. He was also awarded the G.V. Raja Award in 1975 as the best sportsman in his native. Along with it, in 1976 he had also been awarded for the best sportsman in Kerala, Manorama Award.

Adding to the list of achievements, he was judged as the best player in the Persian Gulf region while playing for Abu Dhabi Sports Club, from 1979-82. He played as a professional volleyball player in his prime year between 1982-1987. More over, in the year 2000 Malyalam newspaper, Malayala Manorama, had honored him as as the best sportsman of Kerala of the 20th century.

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