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Top 5 Richest Basketball Players Of All Time

Basketball is one of the most competitive sports that exists on this planet and to be great in such a highly competitive game you need to change your old normal self and become what others call as being extraordinary. But all the hardships endured by an athlete get definitely paid off when they reach National Basketball Association or NBA.

Starting in 1946 National Basketball Association NBA is easily one of the toughest leagues where athletes possessing great skills and talent go on the toe to toe against each other and contend for the Championship. Players also get their share paid in great amounts. That is why NBA players are on the list of highest-earning sports personalities in the world today.

Top 5 Richest Basketball Players Of All Time

5. Shaquille O’Neal: $400 Million

Image Source: youtube -AL’S HIGHLIGHTS WORLD

This 7-foot giant was once a force to reckon with. Playing his debut season in 1992 Shaq gained popularity because of his skills, giant physic, and insane athleticism. Playing in the National Basketball Association for 19 long seasons Shaq won 4 Rings and was paid good amounts through his contracts and endorsement deals and still continues to extend his Net worth.

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4. LeBron James: $440 Million

Image Source: usatoday.com

All hail to King James. Easily the Greatest or Second Greatest of all times King James is definitely the Greatest of all time in today’s NBA. Getting compared to the GOAT of Sports Michael Jordan even before entering the league this player-defined his hype when he first entered the NBA. James earns through lucrative contracts and his endorsements with big brands like Nike. He has also played a role in the movie Space Jam 2.

3. Magic Johnson: $600 Million

Image Source: themag.cz

As the name suggests he was a magician in this sport. Easily the greatest point guard of all time, there is no doubt Magic Johnson doesn’t get a spot on this list. Magic Johnson played for Los Angeles Lakers and won 5 championships and is also the former chairman of the same organization. Magic Johnson is currently an Entrepreneur and has endorsement deals with brands such as Starbucks.

2. Junior Bridgeman : $600 Million

Image Source: opencourt-basketball.com

This name is not famous for his achievements in the sport but definitely for his achievements in his life. Junior Bridgeman retired from NBA (National Basketball Association) in 1987 and started his fast-food franchise Chillis in his hometown. Today he owns more than 160 outlets in the whole country and continues to be an exceptional entrepreneur.

1. Michael Jordan: $1.5 Billion

Image Source: tomaseliasgonzalezbenitezvenezuela.com

The definition of G.O.A.T is greatest of all time, Michael Jordon is easily the best athlete to ever play in the history of the sport. His competitiveness and hunger for the game made him what he is today. Air Jordan, his endorsement with Nike paved the way for him to become the only billionaire in sports history. With 2 three-peats Michael Jordan will always be the Number 1.

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