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Why is body building even a sport?

Every gym freak dreams of having a muscular body and compete once in a body building competition. They workout intensly and maintain a strict diet to attain a body that looks big.

There are a few competitions organised throughout the world where body builders from all over the world come and flex their body and are given marks by judges and then a winner is announced from them.

Eugen Sandow is often considered as the father of Body building. He was a German used to show his physique to public in England. He even organised the first body building competition on September 14, 1901 known as Great Competition.

International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness is an organisation that organises various body building competitions throughout the world. The organisation was formed in 1946 and has headquarters in Spain.

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Although Body Building is not Played in Olympics, IFBB proposed to IOC to include the event in Olympics but was not recognised as many had debate that body building is not a sport and should not be included in Olympics.

People argue that Body Building includes consumption of Steroids and often ignore the efforts and Hardwork required to attain that body. The diet that one has to follow and all the physical stress one suffers to build such a body is often neglected.

Moreover these steroids and other substances have side effects and they have to be suffered by the Builder. So builders avoid use of those substances and focus on building natural body.

Now many individuals are getting attracted towards bodybuilding due to it’s growing popularity. People look upto builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and take inspiration from them. Many competition at various levels are organised to promote body Building.

With so much growing popularity, the day is not far that body building will also be included in Olympic and will be recognised as a sport.

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