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In what ways Cricket reflect and revels Commonwealth legacy like no other sports

Cricket has been one of the constant sports in the Commonwealth Games and this summer the game is back for the very first-time. It used to be a game for gentlemen but has evolved over the years to include women in this sport. Women athletes will participate in a total of eight teams and will go against each other as they are going to compete for the gold medal.

In the Commonwealth, cricket has been always part of our sporting heritage, and some have dubbed it as the remnant of the British Empire. Also, it is said there is no other sport like cricket that reflects the part of British history and legacy.

In some ways, Cricket reflects the culture and heritage of the member states in the Commonwealth, where Britain has a unique position etched in our minds and hearts.

Dr.Prashant Kidambi of Leicester University said “If you are a batter, you don’t question the umpire’s judgment” an expert in Indian colonial history.

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“It is one of the best ways to think about the relationship, the same way as the British saw it between the settler and colonized”

When the empire started growing slowly cricket started becoming famous in some of the particular regions or the parts of the empire and people like Lord Harris started to believe the sign of success in British civilization”

From the very beginning, cricket was played by some rules to instil obedience and discipline and now it has become one of the most visible and vibrant ways to demonstrate the Indian nationality identity.

“Cricket has a power that has set an example for everyone that how to be inclusive,” said England International Isa Guha

“All the players and the other member that has been connected has might gone through some uncomfortable situation that would have involved cricket and we all need to look at that and get ourselves better.”

We can see how the world is becoming more polarized so the commonwealth has decided where countries can come together and they will participate in the game some might win and some might not, but participation in common exercise is valuable.

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