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Daniel Cormier lauds Francis Ngannou for making “MMA feel real”

Daniel Cormier is a retired professional mixed martial artist and former Olympic wrestler from the United States. Born on March 20, 1979, in Lafayette, Louisiana, Cormier is known for his exceptional skills and achievements in both wrestling and MMA.

Cormier’s career is characterized by his athleticism, technical prowess, and his engaging personality, making him a beloved figure among fans. After retiring from professional competition, he has become a prominent MMA analyst and commentator, sharing his expertise with audiences worldwide.

Daniel Cormier, a retired professional mixed martial artist and highly respected figure in the MMA world, has been vocal in his admiration for Francis Ngannou’s accomplishments. Cormier commends Ngannou for his exceptional performances and for raising the bar in the sport.

Daniel Cormier praises Francis Ngannou for setting a new bar’

Ngannou, a Cameroonian-born heavyweight fighter, has showcased his incredible power and skill inside the Octagon, capturing the UFC heavyweight title in March 2021. Cormier recognizes Ngannou’s dedication, work ethic, and determination in reaching the top of the division, solidifying his status as a dominant force in the heavyweight ranks. As a former champion himself, Cormier’s praise for Ngannou demonstrates the respect and admiration he holds for the current UFC heavyweight champion, an article on USA Today reported. 

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Ngannou decided to sign with the PFL because he was unable to reach an agreement with the UFC on a new contract because some of his prerequisites weren’t met. This agreement allows him to box and gives him equity and a leadership position within the organization. Although it took a while, Ngannou remained steadfast and eventually joined a company that suited his requirements.

Cormier said on the show “I want to make sure that we communicate to the world that this is not a normal situation,”

“So any athlete can’t just go, ‘I’m going to go and do something different because Francis Ngannou did something different.’ They have to have leverage. Ultimately that leverage Francis had was winning that fight in Anaheim and beating Ciryl Gane and walking away with the championship. He used it to try to accomplish something good.”

  1. Ngannou negotiated a minimum purse for his fights, ensuring a baseline financial compensation for himself.
  2. He also secured a minimum payout of $2 million for his opponents, emphasizing his desire to support and elevate the earnings of his fellow fighters.
  3. In addition to his fight earnings, Ngannou will receive a share of the pay-per-view profits in the PFL’s super fight division, allowing him to benefit from the success of his fights.
  4. Ngannou has the flexibility to pursue his own in-cage sponsorships, providing additional opportunities for financial gain and personal branding.
  5. Recognizing the importance of fighter representation, Ngannou has accepted a role on the PFL advisory board. This position allows him to voice the concerns and interests of fellow fighters, advocating for their rights and well-being.

“He feels like he can elevate the other fighters through his actions,” Cormier said  “Francis has a stipulation in his contract, at least it is thought to be that even his opponents are getting a bump in pay. It’s not just Francis getting money. The guy that gets to fight Francis gets a payday that may even equal a million dollars. There are guys that never would make a million dollars, but if you step in there with Francis Ngannou, you can make a million dollars. There are very few people that can move the needle like that for themselves and for their opponents.”


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