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Monday, March 27, 2023
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The 3 baseball players that will earn the most money in 2023

Mike Trout surpassed all previous MLB players in terms of salary in March 2019. The most profitable contract in Major League Baseball remains his 12-year, $426.5 million extension with the Los Angeles Angels, despite the fact that he no longer earns the highest average yearly pay.

Mike Trout Baseball
Image of Mike Trout. Photo taken by Keith Allison, from Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, there’s a chance that Aaron Judge, the current American League MVP, will surpass it.

Leigh Steinberg Baseball
Image of Leigh Steinberg, from Wikipedia.

Leigh Steinberg, a top baseball agent, predicts that Judge will land a deal for around $500 million over ten years. Even while he might not achieve that absurd sum, he will undoubtedly rank among the highest-paid baseball players in history.

Justin Verlander Baseball
Image of Justin Verlander, photo taken by D. Benjamin Miller, from Wikipedia.

Superstars like Justin Verlander, Jacob deGrom, and Trea Turner have a real chance to compete for one of the highest average yearly salaries in MLB. It’s not only Aaron Judge who wants to sign a large new contract.

Max Scherzer Baseball
Image of Max Scherzer, photo taken by All-Pro Reels, from Wikipedia.
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The highest-paid player going into the 2023 MLB season is currently Max Scherzer. He signed a three-year, $130,000,000 contract with the New York Mets last season, and he is expected to earn an astounding $43,333,333 million with them next season. He has a player option for 2024 at the same price, which he ought to unquestionably exercise before the start of his age-39 season.

This summer, Justin Verlander might be in line for a deal similar to that, according to rumors. Verlander will be a highly coveted addition to any major league squad after earning the Cy Young award this season.

Although he is younger, DeGrom has a recent history of injuries, thus he might find himself with a deal similar to Verlander and Scherzer. A long-term arrangement might not be possible.

Anthony Rendon is the baseball player that will earn the second most money in 2023.

Unbelievably, Anthony Rendon is on track to surpass LeBron James as the second-highest-paid player in 2023. In 2020, the seasoned third baseman inked a massive 7-year, $245,000,000 contract with the Los Angeles Angels.

Rendon was thought to be the final piece needed to get the Angels back into the playoffs, despite the fact that the contract seemed expensive at the time. Instead, he was out for almost the entire 2022 year, and the Angels once more missed the postseason.

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