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2022 Indianapolis 500 Prize Money Breakdown, Everything you need to know

2022 Indianapolis 500 is the upcoming edition of the 500 miles motor car racing championship of the American open Wheels contest known as Indycar series 2022 which is the 111th season. This race is going to be held in the month of May 2022. There are going to be many practice races which are scheduled, The opening day of the first practice match will be held on 17th May and will continue till 20th May.

Indianapolis 500 for this season 2022 is going to be held in Indiana at Speedway. The track where the race is going to be conducted is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This is 500 miles of a race which are 800 kms which is around 200 laps. So here we bring you more details about this race 2022 Indianapolis 500 Prize Money Breakdown, and Everything you need to know.

2022 Indianapolis 500 Prize Money Breakdown

As we know that the Indianapolis 500 is just around the corner, there will e many prep matches amongst the racers which include the champs and the rookies. The actual race is going to be held on 29th May 2022. In this 106th Season of the Indianapolis 500, there are going to be 35 racers that will be competing for the cup and the title of Indianapolis500 2022.

Apart from just the name and the fame the winner of this race is going to get, the person will also be entitled to heavy prize money this season. This season has a total purse of $10 Million. This sum is going to be distributed amongst the racers in different categories, which are winner, runner and Lap bounces.

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What is the prize money breakdown of Indinanpolis500 for this year?

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Since last year, there were many restrictions due to the pandemic, and the money accumulated was less, so the racers also received a relatively small amount of share from the prize purse. However, this year the officials have seen a hike in the prize money and the fans are also buying the tickets for this race. Therefore, the prize money distributed to the racers has increased.

The winner of this race will receive a 20% of the total prize money accumulated which is about $2 Million apart from the bonuses the winner will get. The runner-up of the race will be entitled to a cash prize of $700k, which is also a heavy payout for finishing second. There are additional payouts that will be given to the players for Lap-bounces which have a total money worth of $50,000. which means, the driver who finishes the lap on the top will receive an additional lap bonus.

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