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Which bike is used in MotoGP?

Grand prix motorcycle racing is and bike racing event where bike companies participate concidering their bike engine capacity. The racing tournament is been conducted...
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Sky Sports rivalling Netflix for docu-series 

The rumours are that Sky Sports, the American sports website, is planning on competing with Netflix. They are doing so by producing a documentary...

Harvey Elliott is ‘not ready for EPL’

Is it too early for the young Harvey Elliott to play in the Premier League for Liverpool? This is what a pundit feels and he...

Pogba, former Manchester United footballer, admits to hiring a witch doctor

Paul Pogba, a 29-year-old footballer, the current central midfielder for Juventus and is in the French national team was recently accused of using a...

Cristiano Ronaldo charged by FA for improper conduct 

Cristiano Ronaldo, star player and household name, was charged with "improper and/or violent" conduct last week for an incident that happened five months ago....

Top Premier League managers currently out of work

Looking back at this season, most managers are under immense pressure more than ever. According to the Daily Mail, maintaining the managerial position of...

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Who is the famous NFL player?

National Football League or NFL is an American Football League which is which the highest level of appreciation for the professional football contest in...

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