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Which Ducati is used in MotoGP?

MotoGP is a premier class bike racing sport. It is conducted on a larger scale which is Worldwide. It is held on-road circuit works under the organization, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme. The bike racing motorcycles are custom-made racing machines that are not made for the general public and are unable to ride legally on public roads.

The championship is actually divided into four classes: the eponymous MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, and MotoE. Since 2002, the championship is known as MotoGP when the four-stroke era began. Earlier to this, the largest class was 500cc. So, let’s take a look at which kind of Ducati is used in MotoGP.

Which Ducati is used in MotoGP: all you need to know?

The Ducati Desmosedici is described as a four-stroke V4 engine racing motorcycle which is developed by Ducati, especially for MotoGP racing. The edition of the vehicle was Desmosedici GP10 for 2010. Also, in 2006 Ducati had made a short production run of 1,500 street-legal variants, the Desmosedici RR.

Currently, there are 22 riders who participate in the MotoGP, which is always in a pair. The team of two riders gets funded for their race At the current spot, the leading rider Marc Marquez with 420 points. The MotoGP player is Casey Stoner who rides a Ducati. MotoGP consists of the best riders and bikes which includes the top companies sponsoring the event.

Ducati and motorgp initial years

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At the beginning of the year, 1970 Ducati had withdrawn itself from participating in the premiere class bike racing event Motogp. However, later in the year 2002, there were revised rules which made Ducati make a return in the contest. The rule had changed the aspect of the competition, which included putting a priority on four-stroke machinery, along with it turning from the idea of 500 class World Road Racing into the MotoGP Championship.

The design of Ducati had begun in the year 2001, for the motoGp contest. Later in the year 2002, the bike was unveiled in order to use the model in the following seasons MotoGP World Championship. Later in 2007, Casey Stoner was riding a Desmosedici, Ducati’s latest model has acquired the first MotoGP World Championship title with the bike. This was a great achievement for the brand. It was also noted that Johann Zarco had set the highest trap record with the Desmosedici in the practice session in the year 2001.

What are the team and Tournaments of Motogp?

In MotoGP, there are 11 teams. The teams are divided into 2 categories, factory, and satellite. The factory teams are supported by the actual factory such as Yamaha, Honda. Meanwhile, a satellite team often uses the equipment of the factory teams. There are three tournaments that take place under the MotoGP event. GoPro British Grand Prix, Red Bull Grand Prix, and Gran Premio Red Bull are those three tournaments.

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